Different people have different perceptions of color this is associated with their cultural background. Symbolism associated with a certain color differs based on the cultural and personal surroundings. Colors in the context of culture are associated with different feelings and cultures. Perceptions of basic colors, such as black, yellow, and red also differ among the nation. This paper shows how Americans percept different colors, and what role the cultural influences play in these associations.

Among Americans, the red color is traditionally associated with love. The love theme is captured in red for St. Valentine’s, Christmas, and Mother’s Day. Mentally, people associate red color with fire, heat, and blood. The connection of red color to fire can be directly associated with the perception of red as the sign of danger. Blue, on the other hand, is perceived to be a cool color. It also happens to be the favorite color of most people since they associate it with warmth and an inviting environment. Green color is also perceived as a cool color, which depicts nature. It is also associated with trust, sincerity, and dependability among Americans. White is perceived as a symbol of purity, as well as happiness among people. Other people view white as a symbol of peace.

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Yellow color is a sign of warmth and intellectual energy in America. Some people feel that yellow shows wisdom in their endeavors thus the color is favored by people of high intellect, which is one of the reasons why some people prefer yellow notebooks and pads. The brightness of the color shows clarity and improved alertness in the person. Black is taken as one of the most elegant and formal colors in America. The color symbolizes death in some instances as people in funerals wear it. Some people perceive black as a symbol of something hidden, fearful, and associated with bad experiences. Black color is associated with people and situations that are mysterious and present many possibilities.

In conclusion, people associate different colors with certain feelings. Some colors also seem to have confusing meanings, such as black, which is perceived as a sign of sadness or death by some people, while, at the same time, it is seen as elegant and formal color by others. 

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