According to Scott (2008), the Constitution of America has undergone several translations within the history of America because they find it to be unclear. Whereas it appears discrepant that the unclear Constitution could be useful, quite the disagreement is the case (Robertson, 2005). Americans have found the Constitution helpful for the reason that it allows for diverseness of views. In the history of America, a variety of thoughts would develop with alarming and formidable support through various factions (Robertson, 2005). Today, the main political arguments appear from the Republican group or Democratic group. During the early periods of the American government, arguments of politics were made by Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton as the greatest personalities (Pancake, 1974). However, the visions of these personalities for the American future were absolutely dissimilar. Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were statesmen and great founders of America (Scott, 2008). Thomas Jefferson was the first Secretary of the States while Alexander Hamilton was the Treasury Secretary (Scott, 2008). These two personalities were very well educated. Thomas Jefferson finished his schooling from William and Mary in Virginia, while Alexander Hamilton graduated from Kings College, currently known as Columbia University, in New York.   


      According to Pancake (1974), the differences between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were developed in the 1790s. Alexander Hamilton was a Federalist while Thomas Jefferson was an Anti-federalist and they significantly influenced the American history (Scott, 2008). The Anti-federalists were characterized by favoring urbanization while the Federalists were characterized by favoring agriculture in America. Alexander Hamilton strongly wanted a powerful federal government that could effectively work in the wellbeing of commerce and trade (Scott, 2008). In the American nation, he developed a love of regulation, efficiency and organization. Hamilton strongly showed that America must possess credit for the development of government operations, trade and industry, and business activities. He stressed the importance of the central government to take over the debts of the state that were unpaid in the Revolution period (Scott, 2008). The central government was endorsed by the American Constitution to charge and collect taxes as well as pay liabilities (Robertson, 2005). Such operations can be professionally handled by a central bank. Therefore, Hamilton was characterized by thinking creatively and critically as he observed the potential of the trade industry’s immense power (Pancake, 1974).  

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      On the other hand, Thomas Jefferson was a great personality but did not stand out within his nation, which was observed by Americans as insufficiency of objective (Scott, 2008). Actually, Jefferson was not deficient of objective because he strongly fought for independence within the American nation. Jefferson strongly wanted the power of economy to depend on the sector of agriculture (Pancake, 1974). However, he realized the need for change and provided a support for the farmers to participate in the extension of global market. Jefferson trusted in the capability of American nation to create strategy (Scott, 2008). He debated that the weakness of the American nation was associated with fake masters who considered the security of civil order and possessions to be of a greater importance than the protections and conservation of freedom (Scott, 2008). According to Jefferson, investors, producers, pioneers, and bankers felt wild to the American society, because he strongly disapproved the establishment of a central bank (Pancake, 1974).   

      Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton shared a number of primary principles with each other; both personalities desired to apply great efforts in the creation of an effective country. However, Jefferson and Hamilton had contradictory visions for their nation. Hamilton’s visions were higher than those of Jefferson because of the huge accomplishment of his policies and thoughts (Scott, 2008). Though, Hamilton’s dreams have been altered gradually, the American nation still possesses a national credit system and central system of banking (Scott, 2008). This is the fact that Jefferson’s strategies and policies facilitated and served a critical equilibrium to Hamilton’s ideas. The support of Thomas Jefferson’s farming and state’s rights assisted to balance Hamilton’s influence in helping companies and mercantilists.


      It is most likely that the American nation leans toward Alexander Hamilton’s great ideas. Hamilton was characterized by thinking creatively and critically as he observed the potential of the trade industry’s immense power (Pancake, 1974). He greatly supported an effective and powerful vital authority that enabled the fresh and new American nation to maintain itself during the premature periods (Scott, 2008). Hamilton’s development for America, and the knowledge he acquired in the Continental Army, maintained with is tremendous influence in the formation of the American Constitution (Robertson, 2005). Therefore, Hamilton’s contributions to the American nation and its people during the early days, remains important until today (Scott, 2008).   

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