The ill-famed Battle of Fort Sumter that took place way back in 1861 was both a salvo and an admission of defeat at Fort of Sumter which neighbors Charleston in South Carolina, which waged the war in America. (David, 1990).

After solemn legal statements (declarations) that were made by seven states from the south, demands were placed by South Carolina that the US’s military force should finish with its war facilities at the harbor of Charleston. (Burton & Milby, 1970).

Closely following this hot battle was an extensive support, both from states that were allied to the North and South, with interventions and strategies that were geared at buttressing the actions of the military. Confident that the uprising was too small to quell, Lincoln, the then president in the US, called for reinforcement from seventy-five thousand army of volunteers who were to help in holding back the rebellion. This enticed four more confederate states that had declared their withdrawals from the war into reinforcement efforts. (Burton & Milby, 1970).

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The Battle of Fort Sumter was a battle between forces that were allied to Beauregard, an army general who commanded a confederate that was to see evacuation of Anderson, a commander of a union (the garrison) that was based at FortSumter. (David, 1990).

After having refused to honor the demands of General Beauregard, war ensued at the fort leading to a capitulation by Major Anderson and consequently, an eviction of his union from FortSumter after a one-day raging battle. (Eicher & David, 2001).


From time immemorial, the battle is still widely remembered as one of the factors known to have awakened an engagement in a four-year civil strife that rocked America during the 1860’s. 

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