Chesapeake is divided into two colonies; the Virginia and the Maryland colonies. Virginia was formed in 1607. Many people including Captain John Smith, who were interested in becoming productive quickly, formed it. Catholics who were a majority formed Maryland in 1632. However, they knew that someday there would be Protestants. The law of unity among Christians came as a result of this awareness.

The citizens of Chesapeake believed that God was angry with them because of the witches in the area. During that time, the minister by the name Salem tried the people who were believed to be witches. Although it was difficult, to determine whether a person was a witch or not, most of the accused persons were burnt. In the recent times, Christians are aware of the threats witchcrafts. Christians believe that witchcrafts are going against bible teaching. Witches are seen as the most deviance in Christian life. Catholic doctrine investigated the witchcraft persecution in England, and they justified it (Smith, 2008).

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In agricultural or any commercial activity, spells have often been blamed when any loss arise. Any disease or sudden death is associated with witches. People believe that individuals with bitter feelings may possess another one. Competition is always available, and individuals may be tempted to use spells to emerge the highest.

Individuals who were believed to be witches were isolated in the society. No one wanted to connect with them as they were said to be evil. Their children were discriminated in schools. Parents warned their children against walking or talking with children whose parents were witchdoctors. They were seen as the evil doers in the society. It is still the same in the current Europe; no one wants to be associated with witches. People believed that witches are against the law of nature and those who practice it is isolated (Pestana, 2004).

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