During the process of colonization, most of the European nation became motivated to colonize other territories where were far from their homeland. The English colonists are one of the most known groups of colonizers who travelled extensive around the work taking over vast land under their control. But what made them to travel around the world particularly to the new territories. According to Hakluyt, increase in rivalry between the English colonist and Spain gave the former impetus to travel to the New Worlds (p. 88). By travelling to the New Worlds, the English colonist saw this as a strategy for them to gain a competitive edge over a nation like Spain in areas of commerce and military ability. As a result of their travelling, the English colonists managed to secure New Worlds like Jamaica and the Caribbean.

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With the successful colonization of the New Worlds, the English colonist was determined to take back new raw material back to their homeland where they could be processed further. For instance the "Caribbean provided sugarcane" to the English colonist which was essential in the manufacture of sugar products back at home (Smith 88). With New Worlds presenting great opportunities for increasing wealth and superiority, the English colonist sailed to the New Worlds.

When the English colonist set sail for New Worlds, their minds were filled with great expectations for making great exploits such as coming back home with ship full of gold and other precious rocks (Smith 45). They also expected to find cities and much civilized people. This was however not the case when the colonist arrived at the New Worlds. In the New Worlds, the natives neither had the much desire gold. Instead, they English colonist were dismayed to find that the New Worlds had native who needed to be civilized and infrastructure developed there. With realization that no gold was forthcoming as expected, the colonist turned to farming hoping to survive and at least take something home.

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