The book of 1st Peter has always been interesting and at the same time complex to many readers. Reading through the letter, you will notice two extreme cases brought forth; one is that of the world which we live in today and the complexity that it has, two, which is of the writer who comes up with ideas in a very original and own way to portray what is actually happening on the ground. This has always made people have different stands when it comes to understanding or even analyzing this book. The reading revolves around how human beings should exercise their duties not only to the members of their community, the believers, but in extension to those who are the outsiders. Human beings are also called to worship in truth and have genuine faith (Kolden, 2004).

Major Points Supporting the Thesis

The major points that are found in 1 Peter 5:8, which encourage believers ‘to be vigilant of the enemy which walks around as a lion, looking for someone to devour’ (Kolden, 2004). In 1 Peter 1:7, Christians are also called forth to have strong faith which can withstand the test for genuineness.

The Overall Message of 1st Peter

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The overall message coming from the book of 1st peter is that of love for non-believers and how the believers should treat them in a way that will encourage them and bring them closer to the light. It sheds light and brings forth the sufferings that people from outlying provinces undergo and their test for genuineness. ‘‘These have come so that the proven genuineness of your faith, of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire. This may result in’’ (1 peter 1:7). Believers are called to be vigilant of the enemy who continually seek to devour them and cause suffering (Kolden, 2004).

How the Message of 1st Peter Can Be Applied In My Church Community Today

This message seeks to call forth all the believers and the church community to practice love, especially to those that are non- believers so as to encourage and bring them in Christian life. It also calls for being vigilant for the time of testing the Christian’s genuineness is due. In my church community people should be encouraged to serve in truth so that when their faith is tested it will be found to be genuine and firmly rooted in Christ.

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