Question 1

The French people hated Marie Antoinette because she was an Austrian. In addition, she lived frivolously. It was said that she had many affairs including the one with the Swedish diplomat. She was nicknamed, “Madam Deficit” by the French people. This is because the French people blamed her for the financial challenges that occurred in their nation.

Question 2

For over 200 years, Louis XVII’s fate has been a mysterious subject for many people. His father and mother died under a guillotine during the French revolution. Records state that Louise died in a prison cell. Other records state that he was killed or died from being neglected in the prison. Scientists carried out a DNA test in the fiscal year 2000 on a young’s boy’s putative heart. They did this to find out whether the heart belonged to Louise. They found out that the boy was a relative of Marie. Consequently, scientists concluded that the boy was Louise.

Question 3

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Charles Fourier was an influential thinker who lived in the years 1772 to 1837. During the industrial revolution, he rejected the notion of industrialism, laissez-faire liberalism and the factory system. He thought that a society that was industrialized was a passing phase and that it was not a requirement to correct the risks that were in industrialism.

Question 4

The Utopian socialists believed in the creation of a new community of producers. This community ought to be joined together through a brotherly kind of solidarity. They believed that unity will be restored between nature, men and in their inner selves. They did not agree to indifference and selfishness that occurred in that period. Utopian socialists were very dogmatic and held very moralistic overtones.

Question 5

As a savior of the French people, napoleon was able to bring the French from a tormented status and steer France to greater heights. He was able to complete the French revolution by satisfying the notions of the French people. He was able to grant the French people justice, equality and freedom.  As a destroyer, Napoleon betrayed the ideals of the French revolution by not granting the equality that the equality that was fought for. In addition, Napoleon treated women with such contempt. 

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