American century describes the dominance of the United States in the political, economic, and cultural aspects of the 20th century.

The United States grew and became dominant after the end of the Second World War. Slavery ended following its abolishment by President Lincoln after the Civil War. There was also emancipation proclamation. The proclamation saw the enlistment of black soldiers.

The new wave of immigrants in America differed from the previous ones in that individuals arrived and at the same time departed in large numbers. The main purpose of this new wave, consisting mostly of young males, was to earn enough income during their temporary stay so that they could be able to sustain their living standards upon returning in their homeland.

The Americans justified the unequal distribution of wealth, using social Darwinist philosophy of survival for the fittest beings as an argument.

During the Gilded Age, workers responded to the problems they were facing through strikes. They began in Baltimore and Pittsburgh and spread through Louis and Chicago. The workers went ahead to stop strikebreakers from executing their duties as well.

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During this period, most public facilities adopted the de jure segregation. There was a supposedly separate, but equal status for blacks. However, the treatment and accommodations for the black was considerably inferior compared to those provided for white Americans. This considerably affected various economic, educational, and social aspects. Blacks had poorly equipped schools owing to the minimal funds allocated.

The lives of women during the Gilded Period changed tremendously. The women who had received college education felt the need to put it into use. The women who had not attended college took jobs in the new cities. Vacancies for clerical jobs increased as typewriters became indispensable. As for the wives of immigrants, they often took in new tenants to the already crowded homes. By providing food and laundry services at a fee, they generated the necessary income for their families.

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