George Lakoff points out clearly that conservatives and liberals embrace two different conceptual models of moral politics. First of all, Conservatives have a Strict Father morality in which human being are made morally upright through self discipline and hard work. In contrast, Liberals have a view of Nurturing Parent morality which sees people as something to be cared for and assisted (George 4-7).

Discussion of conflicting issues

In this regard, George Lakoff analyzes the recent  American political situation and understanding in a cognitive way  and puts fort the finding that the family and specifically the ideal family is the most crucial and powerful metaphor in American  politics day. In this respect he reveals how family based moral values influence observation on varied issues such as crime, gun control, taxation, social programs and the environment and others. George Lakoff gives the impression of how conservatives and liberals connect morality to politics under the concept of family and how these ideals cause controversy and diverge.  He demonstrated how conservatives have in the past exploited the connection between morality, the family, and politics as well as how liberals have failed to accept the concept. Further, Lakoff puts to light the reason as to why conservative moral position has not yet successfully challenged (George 4-7).

The core conflicting issue is that Conservatives argue that liberals don't have a clear understanding of what they say at all and they don't get it right. The conservatives are right by the fact that they emphasis on moral education through a collection of classical moral stories for children, through this the conservatives reflect that virtue and morality are the key to their political agenda and profess the view of morality with Family values and fatherhood .this has  recently become central point of view of  conservative politics. In this regard, conservatives seek to establish what family values are, the conceptions of fatherhood, and how the two directly affect and relate to politics. For example, the conservative Speaker of the House of Representatives, in support of  family values, commented  that children of welfare mothers be taken out of the only families they have known in the past  and be placed in orphanage implying  a contradiction of family values and morals to liberals, but not to conservatives(George 11-13).

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On the other hand, Liberals find it illogical to believe that the rights to life advocators are mostly pro capital punishment which is seen as natural to conservatives. For this reason, Conservatives are conflicting to welfare and government funds for the needy but are pro government funds going to assist victims of floods, fires and earthquakes who are in need of financial support (George 21)

In addition, Liberals are faced by a conflicting issue that they are condemned of supporting welfare and education proposals to aid children, yet they authorize the murder of children by advocating for the practice of abortion to children. To this effect, liberals cannot claim to advocate for children rights, when they actually champion the rights of criminals, such as convicted child molesters. This implies that liberals can not claim compassion for victims when they defending the rights of unlawful people.

Again, it beats logic of how liberals can support federal funding for AIDS research and treatment, while they support the promotion of its spread by authorizing sexual behaviors that leads to acquisition of AIDS by defending gay rights and permitting homosexual sex, accepting   teenage sex by advocating the distribution of condoms in schools; they also accept drug abuse by proving needle exchange programs for addicted drug users.

Moreover, liberals cannot claim to support labor when they advocate for environmental boundaries that limit development and eliminate jobs opportunities. At the same time, liberals cannot claim to support the expansion of economy when they favor government laws that limit local entrepreneurship by imposing heavy tax. How can liberals claim to help citizens achieve the American dream when they punish financial success through the progressive income tax? At the same time how can liberals claim to be for equality, when advocate for racial, ethnic, and sexual favoritism by supporting affirmative action in opportunities

In conclusion it is evident that Conservatives talk about the centrality of morality and the family in their politics, while liberals never talked about it. It is evident that, the family and morality is a central point of view for Conservatives and liberals. However, a conservative are more informed about their politics and knows how they relate to their views of family life and morality. In contrast, liberals are less informed of the hidden views of morality and the family that organizes their own political beliefs (George 179-195).

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