Napoleon is remembered to be a hero in France not only for his military achievements, but also due to the social economical impact that he brought to the nation of France. Before Napoleon, there was a revolution that occurred around (1780-1790). It is seen as a prerogative of the state to ensure the internal and external policies are favorable to its citizens Perry (2008, pp481-482). Napoleons braveness is seen as the champion who could redeem the French, making him to be chosen as the one to spear head the revamping of the social, political and economical aspects in France. It has been argued by several scholars that, Napoleon was only a tyranny and, never championed any positive attributes to the society. However, this paper tries to elaborate some of the success that Napoleon had in his tenure of service.

Firstly, before the Napoleon rule, it was a priority for the rich children to attend school and get the education. Most of these schools were managed by churches and, the basic education was impacted to the children. However, Napoleon introduced the renaissance of the system trend in France. This saw several trends in the social economic activities taking a trend that gave a new beginning to France. Perry (2008, pp483-485) He believed in merit and, introduced four grades of learning that in cooperated; the primary, secondary, military schools and technical schools. Napoleon strongly believed in the power of education more so to serve in the military service. He clearly understood the technological aspect was vital in times of war. This made him to further advocate for Imperial University which supervised the education system in France.

Consequently governance in France was improved in the sense that Napoleon introduced the national assembly that would ensure laws are passed in a more democratic way. The leaders were therefore required to be elected as compared, to the former ruler (Louis) whom heavily relied on monarchial rule. Napoleon impacted the power of majority to be heard where each citizen had to vote. Napoleons famous quote that actuates him to perceive differently to the voice of people stated that, 'At times it is not what is correct that matters, but what the masses count is what matters'.

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Moreover, Napoleon also had his code that was introduced which had several positive impacts to the society. The citizens rights demands that they are equal are there is no privilege given to any individual. This promotes the aspect of eligaritarianism. The aspect of religion where each individual has a right to worship was initiated by Napoleon. The conflict between the Catholics and the French empire was solved amicably, as it was unanimously agreed that the Catholics forget about their land that they demanded while, Catholisicism be allowed Perry (2008, pp485-487). This was after the concordant was signed at the Rome. Furthermore, catholic schools emerged that promoted the education system in France. In addition, Napoleon made sure the aspect of feudalism comes to an end, to ensure peasant farmers have their share. This would be possible because the aspect of socialism had to be done away with. The consequences led to better healthcare and water services that saw various aspects being improved.

Napoleon is seen to have promoted egalitarianism   by advocating for female education. This would give an equal right to all individual to have the power of knowledge and explore the world. Despite the fact that, critics say it merely concerned the boy child education, it is seen as a better situation where, girls also got an opportunity to have education, unlike during the previous times.

Several roads have been erected that facilitated quick transportation. This is a major boost in the scale of economy that has seen France improving in industrialization. The essence of better military saw tremendous infrastructure being put up. Job creation was also boosted as the elite from the education institutions could fit t he job market.

Despite the tremendous effort by Napoleon to come up with different mitigation to improve the life style, some of his initiatives came to a standstill after the collapse of his empire. Institutions like the Imperial University vanished and, taken over by the minister of public instructions. However some mode of education such as the lyce'e still continues and, has a major role in the education system in France.

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