This is a research which digs deep into the past history of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). The research reviews the political life of Deng Xiaoping who has been considered as one of the most influential leaders of the People’s Republic of China. The leader became famous for turning China around and elevating it to the international platform through awakening and exploiting its potential. This research sets out to show in a very coherent way the policies of Deng Xiaoping and how those policies brought success to the PRC. The research will briefly give an outline of his early life and will dwell on his political comeback after being in exile. The research paper will also examine his drawbacks especially by highlighting the demonstrations which mired his political activities in the 1980s. The paper will examine the influence of Deng Xiaoping on the global arena. The paper will then draw a conclusion by highlighting the exploits and challenges that Deng Xiaoping during his tenure as the leader of the People’s Republic of china (PRC). 

This chapter reviews the research design which is used in carrying out this research. The research questions and the objectives of the study are clearly stated with the significance of carrying out a research in this area clearly explained.

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A proper research design is an important aspect of carrying out a research. Jankowicz (2005) describes a research design as, “a structured approach to data-collection that neatly and economically addresses the research question, answering the hypothesis or resolving the argument involved” (p. 198). Jankowicz (2005) borrows from Selltiz et al., (1981) on what constitutes design, “deliberately planned arrangement of conditions for analysis and collection of data in a manner that aims to combine relevance to the research purpose with economy of procedure” (Jankowicz 196). The research design used in this research paper is based on these two definitions. The design adapted in this research paper is the review of relevant literature in the collection of information.

This research is on China in Deng Xiaoping's time. In carrying out this research an attempt is made to answer the following questions which help in a more clear way and the gather information on the topic of the research.

  • Who was Deng Xiaoping?
  • What were his policies and what accomplishments did he make?
  • What was the influence of his policies at the local and global level?
  • What were his drawbacks?

This research is carried out with an aim of getting more information on the policies of Deng Xiaoping and his influence on the republic of China at the local as well as international level. The research also seeks to show the challenges he faced as a great leader who brought great changes through communism. The research paper is quite significant because it subconsciously brings up pertinent questions which are yet to be answered: questions about governance and economic policies, questions about freedom of expression and human rights. 

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