Spain became the most powerful country in both Europe and America because they were the first to discover the Western Hemisphere as well as the Pacific Ocean. Spain quickly capitalized on this new discovery and through there conquest of nearly the entire of Central and South America, they conquered the two richest and powerful empires within the America: the Aztec and the Inca. The Spanish were able to make use of the wealth they gathered from the conquered empires as well as the territories to build stronger armies for wars within Europe. Spain was also the most powerful country as the Kings of Spain to Hapsburg Family, which held the most territories within Europe. The Hapsburg of Spain controlled not only Spain, but the Kingdom of Naples, the Netherlands in addition to the much of northern Italy. All these possessions merely increased Spain's wealth and power (Rubén, 2003).

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Spain was in essence a great deal of South America, defeating the Inca, all of Central America as well as North America to include: Mexico, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, California, and Florida. Furthermore, Spain also conquered the Aztechs as well. The reason why this was an intelligent move was that Spain did not try going as far as North just like America did and freeze to death because of it. Their expeditions were also government backed, as opposed to private ventures of aristocrats who built towns within swamps. The Inca and Aztechs made Spain extremely rich. So logically, Spain had the gold to keep this up. On top of that, they just got through kicking the Muslims out of their lands before all of this, so warfare was something Spain was aware of (Samuel, 2001).

Spain used encomienda system against Native Americans and Aztecs/Incas. Spain transformed America through introducing new animals to the continent.  Spaniards brought horses and the natives faulted horses for some godly creatures. Spain also brought European spices and different foods to the Americas. Currently, Spanish language is the second most-common language in the United States after English and this is as a result of the influence Spain had in United States (Rubén, 2003).

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