Robert, the Monk illustrated in Gesta Dei per Francos about the  speech for the Urban's call towards orthodoxy and the aspects of reformation added by submission to Church. This illustration was termed as "race of the Franks", where Robert refers to Pope’s recommendation to western Christians, irrespective of being rich or poor; to aid Greeks from east. This paper is an analytical approach of this illustration.

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The foremost cause whereby the Christians in the West were embarked over dangerous journey to fight in the Holy Land, after hearing Pope Urban's speech at Clermont; is about the "Deus vult", that is the "God wills it"[1]. In accordance to Robert Urban promised for the instance of remission as well as reduction of human sins in reference to those who preceded towards east, though 'Liber Lamberti', (Bishop Lambert of Arras, Somerville, pp. 46, 59, 60)[2]. Urban actually offered remission related to all the penance that remained due from sins. In due course of time, this declaration has been noted as a mode of indulgence. Robert is very clear about the emphasis of Urban reconquering Holy Land rather than aiding Greeks. He intervenes decades to meet the objective that further led to the First Crusade. Robert identifies that Urban listed many gruesome and horrible offenses that are being initiated by the Muslims. It has been noted that that Urban mentioned about circumcise of Christians, whereby their blood either got spread over altars or are being poured into vases of baptismal font. Robert noted various alleged notes of atrocities demonstrated under inflammatory images attained from hagiography.  These are the crucial factors that are marked by Urban in order to manipulate and dominate the thoughts of western Christians to fight in Holy Land.  

Eventually, Robert marked the points through which Urban tried to initiate the First Crusade by the western Christians against the Muslims.  There were more analytical aspects marked by Robert to identify the on depth causes of First Crusade.

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