According to Perry et al 2006, this age refers to the eighteenth century where it is thought to be part of the period including the age of reasoning. It is when there was historical intellectual movement in Europe. The enlightenment that was there included philosophy, cultural and the social movement that happened in European countries such as England, Germany, France and other parts of the Europe during seventeenth century.

The enlightenment age brought about scientific revolution that spackled independent thought among the people. This reigned in the field of mathematics, astronomy, philosophy, physics, economics and the medical fields that made their knowledge to expand drastically. Nevertheless, the enlightenment that emerged was not stable as people were in the verge of exploring this multiple ideas that emerged. There were intellectual salons that emerged in places like France while the whole of Europe held several philosophical discussions trying to prove several scientific and physical ideas. It prone to increasingly literate population that wrote, read and circulated the books that involved several discoveries. All the knowledge and the enlightenment that was experienced in this period lead to the civilization of the all the aspect of the life. Although very few people participated in the revolution of the enlightenment age as many illiterate and rural dwellers were unable to share this knowledge as it started. Nevertheless, the enlightened were in the verge of incorporating them as they began enlightenment stage lead to industrialization revolution, which integrated the rural dwellers as they gave those jobs, and cities in which they lived.

The enlightenment age no matter where it is considered from, either from social, intellectual and political advancement, it brought about a big revolution in the European countries. They brought the intellectual awareness and gave the people intelligent over civilization. At this age, different inspiration was made in pursuit of creating democracy in the kind tyrannical of ruling that was initially there. Some powerful democratic word came into being such as United State of America (Perry et al 2006).This era lead to freedom that ensured people could give their free ideas according to discoveries that they come up with them.

In the social aspect, the enlightenment age lead to resistances against the Christianity oppression. In this period, religion had entangled people with cruel devotion that lead to dogmas that were not to be challenged. The church had a lot of power. According to the Holy Roman Empire foundation, the church was capable of staging crusades that were used to persecute the heretic believers torturing them and eventually killing them. This was reverted during the enlightenment age where people were able to establish some discoveries that contravened the perennial beliefs of how the earth and the human being work. This lead to revolution that leads people to do more research and revolt against such believes.

Enlightenment age brought scientific prove that explained Gods creation. Though the religious society called it heresy and persecuted who believed in this, it still brought about a great impact in people's live. It lead to people liberty and brought the right of expression later in the centuries where people were able to express their opinion without the fear of religious fear.
Nevertheless, the revolution was still abused in some parts of the European countries. An example of such countries is France where it leads to tyrannical ruling (Perry et al 2006). The discovery of sophisticated weapons leads to organization of productive coups that lead to violence in France. Enlightenment brought about several advantages in the life of the people in Europe and America. It lead to improvement of the women rights, discoveries of efficient steam engines that made the growth of trade due to fast transportation, lead to fair judicial system that enhanced the rights for all the people. In addition, it leads to increased education opportunities that made more people to get jobs. This enlightenment age made sure that the economic theory were turned to production process while diversified literature and music came into being to express people's feeling increasing their social cohesiveness.

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