During the civil war, the women together with the Black people played a major role in the victory that was secured in the field. Their services were of great help in making the lives of the soldiers on the ground comfortable. These contributions of these women and the black people were significant to the outcomes of this civil war.

Women were expected to help the soldiers in the civil war by cooking for them. Those who were married became in charge of their homes while their husbands were away in the war. They made socks for the soldiers to keep their feet warm, as their living conditions were very harsh at the camps. Due to the harsh conditions at these camps, most of the soldiers often fell sick. This led to the inclusion of mobile clinics near the camps and in these clinics is where the women offered self sacrificing nursing services to the sick soldiers. The nurses ensured the soldiers got well and went back to fight.

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The women were not legally given the go ahead to take part in the civil war as solders as they were looked at as being weak (Carter, 2007). Despite this, the women still found ways to include themselves in taking part in the wars. They disguised themselves in a way that made them look exactly like men. In addition to this, they gave themselves masculine names. This made it possible for them to fight in the war. They did this in huge numbers and were of great help in increasing the number of the armies.

The Black people were also of great help in this war. They went to the field together with the Confederate army. They did this on the retreat together with the First Regiment Engineer Troops. By accompanying them, the black servants provided yeoman service. The black people were considered servants during this war. They did the handy jobs for the soldiers back at the camps. They were also given the role of being musicians to entertain the soldiers. Another purpose of the blacks was also to act as cooks. They were the ones who prepared meals for the war soldiers in these camps (Carter, 2007).

With the support and services they offered during this war, the black servants and the women became a very important asset during the war. The success of the war cannot overlook their contribution and they are considered heroes of this war too.

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