All nations all over the world have grown progressively over time. Their growth is manly driven by the events that occurred in the past. These events with time became the major turning points in the development process of each of these nations. United States of America is no exception to such a development process. The initial event in its growth was the attainment of independence. This implied that they could that they could make their own decisions towards their development. It has over time become the most powerful nation of the world. However, it owes this development progress to the events that took place in the early years. These are events that took place between as early as 1865 and 1990.

Victory in the Civil War

After winning the Civil War in 1865, United States managed to be unified and hence, form one nation. It was also during this time that slavery was abolished and ex-slaves were granted citizenship. From 1900 onwards, there were academic institutions and there was continuous women empowerment. The United States had gained economic, industrial and agricultural power. Hence, with the huge migration into America between 1900 and 1918, these migrants formed a huge basis of labor source in the agricultural industries. As a result, America gradually became one o the most powerful nations all ovr the world. They were able to have high levels of industrialization and hence, leading to growth and development. They also became known for the production of natural resources such as coal.

One of the major turning points for the prosperity enjoyed by America today was the victory during the civil war. Since this victory, unity was enhanced throughout the nation. As a result, different people were able to bring together their goal oriented ideas. Eventually, the fruits of working together towards building of the nation continue to be visible. This is through their high levels of development and technology. This victory has been translated into very high levels of industrialization.

Spanish- American War

The Spanish-American War was in the year 1898. it lasted for ten weeks.  Americans were angered by the constant reports of Spanish atrocities. After the signing of the commencement of the battleship, the war began. The Democrats pushed for the fights but the Republicans were against it. Eventually, the Americans won the battle and hence, withheld some of the Spanish Islands.

This win was a major stepping for the US. This is because it was beginning to establish itself as a force to reckon with in the battlefield. This was a turning point for the US as they were feared in the battles that resulted after. They had managed to identify themselves as a powerful nation. This has continued till today whereby the United States of America is considered to be among the most powerful nations in the world.

Indian assimilation

During the period between 1880s and 1890s, conflicts between American people and the people from the West began. The government offered Indians reservations where everything was provided but ownership remained with the government. There was also the option of living independently and owning the land. As a result, those who decided to live independently remained poor as the others prospered. Those who agreed with the government were assimilated into the American society. There were programs set up to ensure that these assimilated Indians fit in the American society. As a result, the American culture was enriched.

Through the assimilation of the Indians into the American society, wars that were erupting reduced. This was very beneficial towards their development process. This is mainly because maintenance of peace implies that growth and development are not interrupted. It also means that this growth never slowed down. Assimilating the Indians also meant that they were able to derive some practices from the Indians. These practices could have been highly beneficial and hence, led to the diversified culture that exists in America today. Diversification o culture implies that these individuals are in a position to grab many opportunities that may come their way. As a result, they are able to contribute largely towards the growth and development process of the nation. It is, therefore, evident that the assimilation of Indian culture in American society has led to higher development progress.

Industrial revolution

Industrial revolution dates back to the mid 18th century into the 19th century. This saw changes in agriculture, transport and mining. There as the introduction of many things. For example, it saw the introduction of steam engine. Industrial revolution started in UK onto the US. It accounts for the development in technology that we are able to see today. It was industrial revolution that led to the major improvements in the general welfare and standards of living of the people. This was due to the increase in the per capita income. The United States of America was endowed with many natural resources hence; the introduction of the industrial revolution age was a plus in ensuring complete utilization of these resources. Industrial revolution, therefore, saw the rise of the US in terms of technological advancements.

Today, the United States of America is considered to be one of the most developed nations. This development has led to accumulation of wealth as many other countries depend on the products that the US produces due to its development progress. Countries export their raw materials to the US and, eventually, import the same from the US. This, therefore, implies that the US is able to earn extra revenue from the importation of these products. This is based on the fact that the cost of raw materials is much lower than the coat of finished goods. The United States of America has been able to achieve all this due to the industrial revolution that picked up in the 19th century. This was a major turning g point that has the US rise above all other nations over time. The benefits that it enjoys from this turning point are self explanatory. This is because t is able to earn a lot of foreign exchange from other countries all over the world. It is even referred to as the superior nation.

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The Pearl Harbor remains significant in the entry of the United States into World War Two. It was in this harbor that the Japanese launched their attacks on the US. The American navy was caught completely unawares and had no immediate power to respond. This is because they were not ready to go war. However, these attacks were an awakening alarm on the United States of America. Considering the fact that these attacks led to huge losses and loss of lives, something had to b done urgently to prevent any more losses. The government was; therefore, ready to use any amount of resources so as to come up with their own atomic bombs for counter attack. These would aid in ensuring that the people of America were well protected. After the invention of their atomic bombs, the war took a new route.

Thee involvement of the United States of America in World War Two established them as a major fighter I the world. There were also renowned for their prowess at war o short notice. Though the war led to a great depression soon after, America stood strong and was able to overcome all these hurdles. Their involvement in the war was a show of their might and what they were capable of achieving. This involvement established them as a major force in the world. It was their prowess that made them remain powerful; over the years. Their survival throughout the war was an indication that they were a force to reckon with. This was a major turning point in America's history as they were listed among the most powerful nations of the world. This power continues in the United States of America as their militia is often called upon to aid in restoration of peace in countries all over the world.

The new deal of the United States of America was an aftermath of the great depression due to World War Two. It had three main purposes. It helped to uphold the needy, led to the recovery of the entire nation such that there was no time in the future that the nation would be adversely affected by a depression. This was made possible by the business and job opportunities that arose after the implementation of this new deal. Even after the establishment of the new deal, the government's role in the banking industry continued to grow and prosper. It was a major stepping stone in shaping America to what it is today. This is because the banking industry plays a very important role in enhancing the financial stability of ay nation.

The new deal was a turning point in America's history. This is because job opportunities and business progress are vital in the growth of any economy. This is because they lead to the increase in the productivity of the entire economy. Ensuring that the needy are catered for is also an important part of economic growth and development. This is because it contributes greatly towards the improvement of individual welfare. It is this improvement that, eventually, leads to the success of the rest of the nation. As a result, United States of America has become one of the most powerful nations in the world that we live in today. Enabling and maintaining tremendous economic growth sustainable in either time of regression or boom is no easy task. The United States of America continues to stand irrespective of the financial crisis that the entire world may be going through. This is largely due to the establishment of the New Deal that has been implemented over the years.

Dawn of the information age

The dawn of the information age reached its climax with the introduction of computers by Bill gates and his company. This was soon followed by the establishment of the World Wide Web. This invention placed the United States of America ahead of other countries. With the use of computers, information could be transferred in a compressed form from one person to another. With the introduction o f the World Wide Web, globalization took another turn. People were now able to trade via net from all corners of the world. Business advertisements were made available in the internet. Job opportunities could also be found in the internet. In a very short period of time the world had become one global village. By the late 1970s, even developing countries were able to access these services. This was all due to the invention that had it roots in the United States of America.

Today, globalization is continuously being enhanced all over the world. People all over the world are able to access a variety of goods and services through the internet. It has eased the work load of traveling as people are able to communicate from the comfort of their homes. This turning point in the US has enabled growth not only in the US, but also in other countries all over the world. However, the US has had its fair share of being the inventor of these computers and internet. This is because the other countries purchase all their products from the US. As a result, they are able to earn revenue benefit from this invention.

Relationship with Japan

During world war two, the relationship of the US and Japan was very sour. This was after the attacks at Pearl Harbor. In the late 1950s, this relationship became better as the Japanese needed American's help during the great depression period. This, therefore, meant tat the US had no foes. This was good for the reasons of development.

Today, Japan and the US enjoy good diplomatic relationship. This implies that the development progress of the US is not under any risk as they continue to maintain good relationships with other nations. The restoration of a good relationship with Japan in the late 1950s was a huge milestone towards this enhancement. This ensures that the US continues to prosper each and every day.

From the eight events discussed above, it is evident that America's prosperity has been a continuous journey throughout the decades. If is clear that a nation goes through many trials before it can reach such great heights as the US already enjoys. The development process involves all the members of the society and eventually, the nation attains development and tremendous growth.

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