The French revolution can be described as the social and political hard times in France and the entire Europe. It was in the sixteenth century that the monarchy that was ruling this country failed. This was due after a period of three years. Some of the major causes of the French revolution are such as estate general issues, the national assemble, social factors such as the hunger strike among others. All the above have had an effect on the revolution of France as a country.

In this early century, France had been divided into three parts. Nobility marked the group of the wealthy people. The clergy, who represented those in authority in the church and the other usual percentage, marked the simple people. The clergy and the noble enjoyed their positions in the state as compared to the other ordinary people. This is evident as they had powers and privileges as compared to the other people. Thus the above marks the first state.

The second state included just the nobles. In this case, the held high positions and were exempted from taxes and they had originated fro the monarchy. The third state included the bourgeoisie. These seemed to be the ordinary people in the state. They composed of the merchants and the lower official in the state. They wanted high positions but they were denied the chance by the aristocrats. The element of equality can clearly be seen as we are able to learn of the how the French citizens divided themselves according to class. This was not good at all. The peasants and urban laborers were also included here. The urban laborers faced food shortages and their cost of living was also high.

Another cause of the French revolution was the administration and financial disorder. According to our knowledge so far, we learn that France was supervised under a monarchial rule. Thus with this kind of administration, a lot of confusion and disorder was encountered as the philosophies were not comfortable with this kind of ruling. The revolution brought about the terrible power shifting between the roman church and the state. With this under consideration, the church was exempted form paying taxes and its wealth was resented by some groups. Even though some of the crops were collected and redistributed to the poor, the fact still remains that it was an unfair act of the wealth sharing by those people.

The financial disorders played a major role in the collapsing of the French's old regime as the treasury was strained by wars and strong support from the American revolution and when it came to tax paying, very few French paid their taxes with full honesty. This is seen as the main primary cause of the French revolution. The formation of the national assembly was another cause. The estates general, for instance the clergy, the noble and the ordinary men held a meeting of which never took place because of some minor reasons. The group of the ordinary people was afraid that the clergy and the noble people would vote together as they were of the same class but this never happened as they thought. Once another date was set for a similar voting activity the clergy and noble never showed up again. It is at this time that the third party decided to crown itself the national assembly. This was a major revolutionary move.

Foreign invasion was another cause. In this case, war broke out between Austria and Prussia. The French were threatened to undo the reforms of the revolutionary. Thus it made the revolution return to its normal phase. Many factors had contributed to the French revolution according to Perry but the above are the major. The main purpose of the revolution was to shape the country and bring it back to where it belongs.

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