This paper is about the American Revolution which is the war that led to victory and formation of the United States of America. The paper attempts to assess strengths and weaknesses of the Patriots and the British who were the major contributors and participants of the war. The paper will also show how the United States of America was able to win the war against the British. Patriots as commonly referred are those individuals who rebelled against the British rule. They were the colonists of the Thirteen United Colonies under the rule of Britain in the period of the American Revolution who rebelled because they were irritated by the introduction of taxes to them. Those who remained true to the British rule are called the loyalties (Fisher 2004). 

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It was projected that the Patriots would lose the war; however, they had several strengths. First, they were well familiar with the geography of the Thirteen United Colonies which made them quite superior on the land (Sherman 2011). Second, most Patriots had weapons and enjoyed brilliant command of George Washington, a very proficient commander. Also, the Patriots were fighting at home and were therefore ready to defend their property, homes and families. Americans were fighting for their rights, independence and liberty and this grand cause motivated them to be very competent. In addition, the Patriots’ merge with France provided a level ground for the war and this encouraged them to fight on (Mackenzie 2008). Despite the above mentioned, the Patriots were weak in several aspects. They had trouble raising funds to acquire basic supplies for their troops. Also, there was divided loyalty as a number of Americans openly favored the crown (Fisher 2004). Above all, the Patriots lacked experience in war.

            On the other hand, the British were superior both in the size of their army and experience in warfare. They had been victors in several wars and this made the soldiers more confident. Also, the British soldiers were better equipped, disciplined, and had a better diet. They had a better supply of funds and good navy. However, they were far from home and flow of information and funding suffered delays. The war became costly and the Patriots alliance with France made it worse. The participation of France and low income earners like farmers, tailors or laborers helped the Patriots overcome the British and eventually won the war (Feldmeth 2004).

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