The Mexican War refers to the armed conflict that occurred between Mexico and the United States for about two years from 1846 (Nobleman, 2005). Although the Mexican War was among the most significant conflicts during the nineteenth century, the American citizens in the contemporary society appear to know very little about it (Bowman, 2003). They confuse the war with the Spanish-American War, the border clashes with Mexican Revolutionaries, or the Texas Revolution.  This war took place in the wake of the United States annexation of Texas. American forces invaded the California Republic, New Mexico, and various parts of the current northern Mexico (Nobleman, 2005). At the same time, the American Navy carried on a blockade and took charge of several forts on the Alta California’s Pacific coast (Bowman, 2003). The American Army captured Mexican City, which was forced to agree to the ceding of some of its territories to the United States (Nobleman, 2005). The reasons for the Mexican War and its outcomes will be considered in this discussion.  

Reasons of the Mexican War

There were a number of reasons that led to the Mexican War. The American annexation of Texas was the immediate cause of the war, which was regarded a declaration of war by the Mexican government as the Mexican minister was removed from Washington (Nobleman, 2005). Therefore, the United States inherited the border dispute of Texas with Mexico, which led to the Mexican War. During the annexation, the United States captured another territory in 1948 and as a result the borders of the nation were extended to the Pacific Ocean (Bowman, 2003). Later on, Texas demanded the eastern part of the territory that was comprised of the present-day Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Wyoming and Texas. This resulted into a dispute between the federal government, New Mexico Territory, and Texas, which was resolved in 1850 when a number of lands became part of the United States territories in exchange for the federal government of the United States (Nobleman, 2005).  

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The second reason for the war is when President Polk demanded the boundary Rio Grande, which aroused a dispute with Mexico (Bowman, 2003). General Zachary Taylor was sent to Texas in June 1845 by President Polk, and in the following month more than 3,500 American citizens were waiting on the Nueces River to protect Texas from Mexican invasion (Bowman, 2003). President Polk intended to protect the border as well as claim the continent to the Pacific Ocean, and this is the third reason for the war. Finally, the Mexican War resulted from the monetary claims that were laid against Mexico (Nobleman, 2005). According to Bowman (2003), the United States had obtained a promise from Mexico to pay three million US dollars as restitution for the Americans who had lost property in the course of revolution and turmoil. Mexico failed to pay up the money, and the American government took action.

Outcomes of the Mexican War

As a result of the Mexican War, the United States acquired large expanse of new territory including the present-day Nevada, California, New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona (Bowman, 2003). The American Civil war was another important incident that resulted from the war. Young military officers, such as Jackson, Meade, Lee and Sherman, improved their capabilities for fight during the war, and they finally participated in the American Civil War (Nobleman, 2005). The new lands that were acquired actuated new debates on the issue of slavery. The Americans experienced heavy losses as a result of the war; about 1,700 people died in combat and others died due to disease outbreak (Nobleman, 2005).


The Mexican War is classified as among the most significant conflicts during the nineteenth century. United States annexation of Texas marked the main cause of the Mexican War (Nobleman, 2005). The United States successfully acquired Mexican territories. Young military officers, such as Jackson, Meade, Lee and Sherman, improved their capabilities for fight during the war and they finally participated in the American Civil War. Many Americans died due to disease outbreak as well as in combat (Nobleman, 2005).       

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