Polynesians are an indigenous group of people who ones lived on the island of Polynesia. Polynesia is sub region in Oceana region. Oceania region is a section that comprises of over thousand islands covering the central and South Pacific Ocean. The inhabitants of this island called Polynesia was refereed to as Polynesians. The name Polynesia was originally used by a French writer, but the name was then used to refer to all the islands in that region. It is believed that Polynesians were among the first set of people to arrive in America (Stanly, 22).

            Chicken born demonstrates that Polynesians were on the American continent long before Europeans. A chicken born believed to be around 600 years was discovered by a Canadian scientist on the coast of South American. This was a significant proved that indeed Polynesians were in America before Europeans. Polynesia traders are thought to have sailed east from the central pacific islands. In their journeys, Polynesians are believed to have set foot in America before European explorer Christopher Columbus. Deoxyribonucleic acid test carried on the born remains prove that birds with Polynesian genetic structure arrived at the central-south coast of Chile long before Europeans. These findings further proved that Polynesians were the first people to introduce chicken in America. European voyages in America have been given priority because of the availability of written records to determine the same. Scientists tracking Polynesian movements have also discovered the similarity in the genetic structure of animals that were owned by Polynesians. This is a valid prove that indeed Polynesians reached America earlier than Europeans (Jones, 36).

             There is further testimony to suggest that Polynesians settled on the American continent through tracking of peoples’ eating habits and movements. Polynesians are believed to have been fed on fish as their staple food and used canoes to travel. Most of their delicacy comprised of fish, and they made their journeys on canoes. There are the only people who fed on such foods in the pre history times save for the Spanish. The presence of canoes and fish books on several hills in the peninsula is a clear indication that Polynesians were the first category of foreigners to discover the American continent. Historians and scientists that monitor peoples’ past eating habits claim that Polynesians used to carry their food on their voyages. They also contend that tests done on their remains and fish books resemble the structure of Polynesian fish. The canoe remains found at the same place also confirms that Polynesians landed in America long before European explorers. Polynesians are known to have been accomplished sailors. Polynesians were able to tour isolated and remote places with the help of their double hauled canoes. They are the ones who invented and used double hauled canoes for their exploration purposes. The presence of remains of canoes on the America is a proof that Polynesians were in the new world earlier than European explorers (Godwin, 37).

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            Sweet potatoes are believed to have been a popular crop among Polynesians. This crop does not originate from the central pacific. This means that this crop was carried to the American continent by someone else. The most likely people to have brought sweet potatoes to Central America are the Polynesians. Scientists tested sweet potato remains from Polynesia, and they discovered some similarities to those planted in Ecuador. Some historians believe that Polynesians carried sweet potatoes in their double hauled canoes to the South American continent. There is also the issue of language similarity between Polynesians and the Americas natives. This is an indication that Polynesians interacted with the people of the Americas long before European explorers. This is an indication that there was communication between the ocean and America. The question of language similarity leaves no doubt that Polynesians were on the continent long before European explorers like Christopher Columbus (Jones, 44).


            Polynesians are indeed the first explorers to have reached the American continent. Although there is proof that other people like the Spanish and Indians made contact with the new world, Polynesians were the first to set foot on the continent. This group of people from Oceania is thought to have been skilled at innovation. They were able to make powerful double hauled canoes that helped navigate the pacific to Americas. The only reason why their presence to the new world was not noted is because Polynesians had no written records. Without written records, it is difficult to track events. Even without written proof, available evidence indicates that Polynesians arrived on the American continent earlier than European explores like Christopher Columbus.

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