The present world has been built from the historical events. The world is bound by past events. Historians are first to point out that the past of every individual forms his basis in terms of social and cultural behavior. Urbanization of the early mining field in German, religion in the colonies of Spain, emergence of social  and political classes in Eastern Europe  and international cooperation  after colonization are some examples in the new world era that we can pay tribute to historical era from the 1500bc to 1800bc.


The development of cities and business can be sited back in Bolivia's colonial era in, 1532. The Spanish invaded and conquered the indigenous people. This land was occupied by the Incas community. The Spanish was after silver and iron that was discovered in that area. The mines at the town of Potosi led to a big commercial hub. Silver was used to make coins and enhanced trade in Potosi and all the Spanish colonies. Potosi grew rapidly and became an urban centre visited by different traders and middle men. This led to the beginning of urban centres across Eastern Europe.

Urbanization can also be dated back in the Mediterranean countries. These countries had a rapid growing population, trade and the infrastructure grew with persistence. This trend of urbanization can also be seen in today's world. A good example is the city of Dubai or Mumbai. These cities have grown due to increase in population and development of the infrastructure. Trade has also been developed.


Religion of individual people was also built of the past experiences, practice and believes of different communities. In the 1500bc to 1800bc, religion had not taken shape in Africa and Europe. Spain emphasized and support to the catholic practice and doctrine. During this era, religion spread through the formation of the mission station in all the colonies. American churches, formed mission centre's through out Western Europe and Spain. Through the arrival of priest from Jesuit Oder to different mission in Eastern Europe like Peru, convinced the indigenous people to join their religion in exchange of food and education. This can also be seen in the modern world. For one to become a leader of a state, his or her religion practices and believes plays a centre role. In the Middle East, you must be a Muslim to be elected as a political leader. It goes to extend of people from different religion can't inter-marry.

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Social classes

In the 1500bc through to 1800bc there were a lot of colonial activities in the Western and Eastern Europe. This led to emerging of new community due to intermarriages' between the colonialist and the indigenous people. In Bolivia, they were called Mestizos. This group of people had no clear role in the community, because, they cannot be grouped in either community. They cannot enjoy the same privileges as the colonial government and also, the indigenous community. In the modern era, we have the elite class, middle class and the poor. These classes were defined way back in 1500bc and define the modern world.

International relation

Cooperation between states and nations, entirely begun in the colonial era, nations wanted to acquire more resources and build a powerful state. A nation was measured by the military power and economic states. Spain conquered part of the Eastern Europe in 1532. They conquered Bolivia to acquire silver and iron that was discovered. During this period, there was a lot of interaction between the indigenous communities; the Incas and the Spaniels. This led to exchange of culture and a new community of mixed race emerged called the Mestizos. After independence, Spain and its colonies still enjoy a good working relationship for a mutual benefit. This can be seen in the modern world, for example, is the international relationship between common wealth countries


The modern world cannot be separated from its on history. History forms the key areas of a society; gender issues, human rights, culture and economic issues. Let's learn from our own history.

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