Nowadays people all around the world have a lot phobias and fears. Some of them are afraid of different insects, of darkness, others are afraid of being lonely. There is one opposite fear – afraid to live in society and to go outside, to share your thoughts and feelings with others.  These people live in illusion, and it causes them to be blind to the real world. Despite, it is necessary to live in a society. Communication is one of the main cases which has to be present in everyone’s life.

In the beginning of a new love relationship, our hopes of bonding and connecting with each other are far above the ground... these high feelings correspond with the pleasure of our need for love and be loved by someone. They correspond with the pleasure of a connection.

We are all programmed, like robots, by evolution to look for and get another human being to develop part to. This is a necessitation to have someone to rely on, a loved one who can propose trustworthy emotional connection and comfort calm. In this search, we use everything we are able to use: hormones, emotions and personal time planning, we think in our own way which things or features will be good to spend life with one or another companion.

Just afterwards, throughout painful break up experiences, we begin to get clearly familiar with the tiny gaps and misunderstanding that take us back into the isolation of our personal situation, back from the harmony.

This is an element of the process, step by step knowledge to share own life with the other person, which becomes an everlasting mission with its own rewards.

What happens when another person, the man you have chosen to be your safe connection, does not understand the nature of a relationship? What happens when you greatly felt in love with someone and another person does not feel anything according to you?

You feel a little pushed into the hurting loneliness.

The story focuses on the life of Adam Czajkowsi, polish man, who was very stubborn, short – tempered and proud of himself.  As it is known, everyone has an ability to fall in love. Every person has its own love story.

It was like a Romeo and Juliet story. They were both young when they met each other. He saw her making her way through the crowd of people and said hello, little did he knew.

The love story was very beautiful. They were enjoying every minute together. Romeo took his Juliet somewhere they could be alone and enjoy the beauty of nature.

In the evening, when everything is covered with shadows, they were sitting in the silent place and feeling how gentle breeze caress their faces and makes their bodies cold. The breeze makes to feel the freedom. It makes you feel that you can fly.

Some other day, the sky is frightfully grey, heavy clouds are overhanging you. It seems that distance between you and clouds is very close. It starts raining heavy. Pouring rain covers you. It makes feel closer to the nature and to the Earth. After a downpour, the air is cool and fresh.  Birds go out and start to sing amazing songs. You can go barefoot and enjoy the cool and wet grass. It is a wonderful feeling. The frogs croak joyfully. Even the insects start to buzz louder. They are telling you how beautiful and brilliant life is.

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In the night, stars make a new fairytale. See billions of jewels sparkling in the black sky. It is perfect to look the eternity of the universe. You feel that you are just the petite part of it. Look on the moon! It often changes its appearance. One time it can be round, sometimes - crescent-shaped.

Butterflies, small bees and other tiny insects fly over the flowers and search for food. It gives a lot of pleasure just to look at them. They are bright and colorful.

A lot of happy moments could be noticed during their relationship. As you already know, not every story has a happy end. Sometimes feelings disappear. His Juliet was not sure about happy and carefree life with Adam. She did not see any future life with him. So this story has a painful ending. To tell the truth, he really loved her and could not recognize the reasons. He was very proud, and this event broke his heart and made him a self – closed person.

It was so difficult for him. He refused to believe people, to rely on them. Adam became a type of person who keeps himself in a cotton wool, a person who is immersed in narrow minded interests, who is scared of everything new and who is isolated from the outside world.

 One day, he had to go to a business trip to Africa. He refused to go there at first, but then, he thought that maybe this way he can forget his love and loneliness. He expected to see and know something new.

One time, when Adam returned home from his working place, he noticed a little boy lying on the road. He was sleeping here alone. Adam glanced at him and went on, but boy saw a foreigner, who was going near and asked him for food. A little boy was enormously hungry as he didn’t eat for 3 days. Adam started to cry and took the boy to his home, gave him food and a place to sleep. Boy stayed with him till the end of his trip. After this, the main character of the story understood that his grief cannot even be compared with this boy’s. It is just nothing. He understood that he was happy from his life. He has every day what to eat, drink, his parents are near, and every time are ready to help him. His unlucky love is nothing, because all the life he felt parents love. Look at this boy! He even does not know the names of his parents. Subsequent to this, he understood that he wants to find a new love and to live happy with his wife and children. Of course, he will take care of his children and extremely love them. 

A person cannot change his or her life by changing his clothes or by speaking with another voice. To change basically, eternally and significantly he has to reach down into himself and pluck it out by the roots.

It is impossible for a person to lose his or her fear by telling that he or she is not afraid and start to believe it. Person must know his or her fear; see it, feel it, understand it and accept it. Then, if a person did the thing which he was afraid to do, said which he was afraid to say, thinks about the things which he was afraid to think before, sees everything he was afraid to see and knows that which he was afraid to know, he does not have any fear.

No ticker can move just in one direction. And if we run away from hurting, then we have deprived of the pleasure. If we open our eyes, ears and hearts to cruelty, then it is impossible to be familiar with sweetness or loveliness. And if we live just happy life without any troubles, we have no opportunity to get an experience and to understand something in this life.

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