Dear Governor,                      

Your Excellency, the Governor of Arkansas State, pursuant to chapter 165, section 55 of the US Law, I hereby request to be relieved off my duties from my current position in the Disaster Management Unit of Bentonville Police Department. I have successfully reached the recommended retirement age required for police officers. Up until now, I have served in the Police Department for a period of 32 years during which I have been a committed team player who has helped reduce crime levels in three different cities: Bentonville (11.5 years), Berryville (10 years), and Boonville (10.5 years). My service at the police department has been one of the most fulfilling experiences I have ever had. It has been a long journey and I cherish every step that I took in an attempt to safeguard the safety of Alabamians.

My journey towards joining police service began from the time I was a young boy. My cousin lost his life from crime and I decided that I will safeguard the lives of Americans. At the time, crime was at an unprecedented high level affecting everyone in the society. I admired the strength and passion that was demonstrated by police officers who relentlessly showed commitment in their work. Finally, the opportunity came when I was recruited into the police service in August 7, 1990.  This marked a major transition in my life as I officially got the chance to clad one of the most respected uniforms in the America’s public service.

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Your Excellency, I appreciate the massive support that I was receiving from my State Government during 32 years of service to progress in my career. In my fourth year of service, the State Government sponsored me to pursue further studies at the prestigious Arkansas Tech University. On completion of the course, I graduate with a Certificate and Associate Degree in Emergency Management. My seniors at the Police Department of Berryville were very helpful by accepting me into the disaster management team. At the time, the State Government also took a positive initiative in not only recognizing my new education, but also by approving the recommendation for a promotion. This was a moment I felt appreciated by my local government for serving my community.

During my long term service I interacted with different colleagues who included junior, middle, and senior officials from different city departments. This interaction deepened the emotional attachment to my job because I was able to compare other police officers’ experiences to mine. I extracted strength from what some of them considered would be a failure and used these as a pillar to build my career. I received a lot of support from members of the Police Department as well as local community members that I served. This cooperation and team spirit enabled me to sail through the 32 years of service.

Your Excellency, I believe that having served my community, I should allow the younger generation to join the domain of public service. I was given an opportunity to serve my people and I cherished every bit of it. I am honored to be a part of the prestigious police force and I will continue serving my community outside the walls of police department.


Srgnt. Daven Vanterpool


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