I am writing to inform the human resource manager that Mr. Winnie the Pooh has come down with rabies, and therefore the idea of working with him will have to be reversed. This is terrible news because rabies is a deadly disease and requires constant medication. This is because it is caused by viruses that attack the central nervous system. Infected mammals can transmit rabies virus to human beings as well as other mammals.

 Rabies is nearly always lethal once its symptoms become visible. Although person-to-person spread is very rare, safety measures should be taken in order to avert exposure to the saliva of the sick person. The disease tends to weaken the body as the initial symptoms include irritability, headache, agitation and pain in the organ that has been exposed to the disease. This makes a person inefficient and unreliable as an individual is unable to do his best. The disease then progresses to spasms of the esophagus and the muscles used for inhalation, convulsions, confusion, paralysis and death of an individual.

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It is vital to note that, by the time any symptoms emerge, rabies cannot be effectively treated. Treatment of a rabies contact includes a dose of a human rabies immune globulin (HRIG) given immediately after exposure and 4 doses of rabies injection given during more than two weeks. A complete dose of HRIG is applied to the wound. Contact with a person infected with rabies does not lead to infection. If a person infected with rabies is not treated, he develops medical symptoms of the disease, which can lead to death.

It is vital to take all this into consideration when hiring Mr Winnie the Pooh in order to avoid inconveniences caused by his absence, since he will have to go to hospital. This is the disease that requires constant medication and checkups by the doctors.

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