In a very precise way, the context of reality is a derivative content added by knowledge from the essence of appearance. Without the input of experience, the appearance can remain mysterious and there might not be any chance to understand the same. As for instance, in case of a ‘table’ it is just an oblong, shiny and brown object in appearance. It is tough and can also give the sound of wood if tapped. However, the basic reality lies in the way it gets perceived by different people. From different angles of light, the table will appear different and will also offer diversified sounds and look if applied in a different way. This is a formulation that is applicable in terms of understanding a particular content. With a different point of view backed by diversified kinds of experiences, people create different perception about the same thing. In this matter it is just the addition of experience along with knowledge and the way the point of view is present as per the convenience of the individual.

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The same example of the table has been further enhanced in case of people with colour blindness or those who are wearing blue spectacles. In a way, Russell just wants to put the fact that through different self -interpreted motives and aspects the content can come up with diversified meanings. The idea of reality on the basis of the appearance is subject to change and might get interpreted as per the specific condition of real life situation. It is thus never correct to consider the table as the same entity for all the other people as it is to you. Thus, the same gets applicable in terms of real life instances that can get interpreted and perceived by different people in a different way and that too as per their motives and experiences. 


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