Mike Maguire created a typology of burglars distinguishable into three parts. These are high-level burglars, middle-level burglars and low level-burglars. Low-level burglars are largely juveniles and young adults. This group lacks any significant commitment to crime. Individuals under this category are opportunists who engage in crime with little planning as they act as soon as an opportunity to burglarize presents itself.  Thus, the decision, selection of target and the commission of a burglary occur concurrently in this case. Middle-level burglars are normally older and possess considerable skills and experiences compared to low-level burglars. This is because they have spent a significant amount of time committing various burglaries. This group selects a target by searching a wide geographical area. Middle-level burglars network with external sources that are crucial in facilitating the disposal of stolen property (Carrabine, 2004). High-level burglars have more integrated networks compared to middle-level burglars. This provides them access to crucial information regarding targets, and connects them with individuals who have the capacity to dispose large quantities of stolen merchandise.

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The primary motivation for burglars is money. However, the financial needs that motivate burglars vary. While some individuals engage in burglary to cater for legitimate financial needs, others engage in the vice in order to maintain certain lifestyles. These include stylish clothes and cars, and the use of certain drugs.

Burglars chose their victims based on the easiness of unauthorized access. This includes open windows and doors, and other access points that provide unobstructed access and an easy path for escape. Burglars consider locations in which security measures are minimal. When picking targets from such locations, they are sure that they will face minimal challenges and resistance when executing their actions (Carrabine, 2004). In addition, minimally secured locations minimize chances of being caught. Highly secured locations discourage burglars as they introduce numerous obstructions and increase chances of being caught. 

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