This is an interview that was conducted between me and the manager of a United States of America (USA) based multinational company. The main topic of discussion was employee motivation. Here, are the excerpts:

Me: Good morning sir? For how long have been at the helm of this organization’s leadership?

Manager: thank you. I have been in this organization for twelve years. I began as a manager trainee before promotion to be the Human Resource Manager where I served for four years. I was later promoted to my current position six years ago.

Me: how do you relate with your workforce?

Manager: The relationship between me and my employees is quite cordial. As a professional, the most important thing to me is to ensure that I unify all the workers. This makes it easier for me to monitor and make them accountable for their actions.

Me: Mr. Manager? In your opinion, who is a motivated employee?

Manager: motivation is the secret of success for any business organization. This is because; it is our policy to put our employees’ the interest primary to anything else. In other words, motivated workers are those whose performance is boosted by recognition along side constant reward schemes.

Me: How do you motivate your employees?

Manager: In this company, we use a series of schemes to motivate our workers. Some of them include promotions, incentives, recognition and financial rewards. Last year, we introduced a new method in which all the workers are encouraged to compete. The best performer is either given financial or material rewards.  

Me: In what ways has your management implemented these strategies?

Manager: The most fundamental milestone I can tell you is that the company has established a very strong Human Resource Department. I am happy with the kind of work they have been doing right from recruitment to promotion. In doing this, we understand their diverse needs and address them amicably.

Me: Which theory of motivation applies in this case?

Manager: My management only uses the Abraham Maslow Need Hierarchy and the Herzberg’s Two Factor motivation theories. These are in line with our internal policies because they have made a significant contribution to our organization.

Me: One of the major challenges facing businesses today is bureaucracy. Does this apply to your organization?

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Manager: Being that our organization is fully private, makes us have a full control of our operations without necessarily subjecting our stake holders to such red tape procedures. Even if our hierarchy is a bit complex, we are not bureaucratic. We always try to shorten the channels of communication as much as we can.

Me: What criteria (if any) do you use when promoting your workers? Is there any favoritism involved?

Manager: (Laughing) as I told you, we owe our success to our transparency. The HR department has done a very great job in organizing for competitive recruitments and promotions based on merit. Moreover, any form of promotion is advertised before subjecting the applicants to a rigorous interview. Only the most qualified applicant is appointed by the Board of Directors.

Me: Do you feel that involving employees in decision making process is motivational? If yes, what steps have you taken?

Manager: Yes. Including the junior staff in decision making is quite recommended. In fact, this is one of strategies that we have put in place. It is a form of recognition that I talked about at the beginning of this interview. A part from motivating them, it creates a sense of belonging to these people. This boosts the quality of their delivery.

Me: From your policies, I can see that you are committed to your employees. However, what challenges (if any) makes it hard for you to implement these strategies and what are you doing about them?

Manager: we face a lot of internal and external challenges in our operations. A part from having a big number of workers each having their own interests, demands and goals, we also face a very stiff competition from other companies. At the same time, we always get a lot of pressure from the trade unions and government. They impose regulations which contravene our internal policies.

Me: Way forward?

Manager: It is our plan to amend our policies to extend these motivations to cover all our stakeholders. During the next Annual General Meeting (AGM), the Board of Directors will launch our five year strategic plan that will undoubtedly transform our management.

Me: Your parting shot?

Manager: I would like to urge all our clients to know that they are our priority. In deed, this is the company to watch. Thank you!

Me: Thank you. Welcome again!

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