Promotion can be earned after a tough work and results from successful service to an organization. It is the expectation of most employees to get promotions within the organization as the employees continue rendering their services. However, the employers cannot offer promotions to all the employees, so at some point, the employer needs to communicate or deliver unpleasant news on the denial of a promotion. This is a situation that can turn out to be emotional with a few ill spoken words. The employer needs to handle the situation in an effective or appropriate manner in order to steer the employee towards an alternate or improvement path of the organization (Simmons, 2012).

The initial step is to call for face-to-face and exclusive meeting with the concerned employee immediately after the decision to deny a promotion. It would not be appropriate for the affected employee to discover about the denial of promotion from company gossip. Take a neutral stand or approach when delivering the news of denial of promotion. Be direct and dispassionate, and give the news in a concise and clear way. The employer can be emphatic on the matter, but should not veer away from the neutrality approach by attempting to take sides with the employee. One needs to remain focused and relevant on the tabled facts, as well as effectively answer any questions from the employee on why his or she has been denied a promotion.

Pausing in between the conversation is also crucial, especially when interrupted by the employee, or he or she needs to moment, or regain composure. A few minutes of posing should be sufficient, and then continue with the conversation.

Give an honest or genuine evaluation of the future of the employee in that organization amidst the denial of promotion. Areas for improvement can also be offered in order to allow for different results in case of an opportunity for another promotion. If there is a possibility for training opportunities, provide employees with such information for future exploration and preparation.

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Prepare in advance a separation agreement just in case the employee shows signs of no further opportunity of advancement, and may opt to search for another employment opportunity. Pressure should not be applied to the employee to make this decision if she is of value in his or her current position.

Mention other opportunities existing in the company in which the affected employee may deem suitable to fit in or improvement and advancement opportunities without leaving the organization.

Keep the message straightforward and clear the best level bearing in mind hiding behind the jargon is easy without knowing. After explaining the reasons for arrival to that decision, illustrate the fairness of the decision to various groups or other employees. It is a fact that any employee will never understand the fairness in losing a job or a promotion, but rather explain the impact of the decision to other employees, shareholders or customers, or even dissipate some anger. The hard facts of losing the promotion can also help to ease the tension by letting the employee know that only a few others got the promotion, in order help him or her understand the situation (Simmons, 2012).

After getting distressing news, employees may find it difficult to believe that they are cared for by the organization. It is essential to demonstrate the organization cares by describing the existing company sponsored programs and services. Affected employees can be directed to the counselors for assistance or offer the severance package. It is necessary to set up subsequent meetings with the employee for him or her to bring additional questions because they may still be in shock, as a result of the news. Offer tips to employees on how to avoid future problems if necessary, in order to ensure increased production and eventually raise opportunities for promotions. This form of meeting needs to be relatively short, approximately 15 minutes, characterized by brief comments. Keep the atmosphere formal and free of emotions and listen keenly to whatever the employee has to say (Kulick, 2001).

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