Disney has penetrated deep into the mainstream of America and is involved in the forming of numerous elements in American culture, business, entertainment and central Florida’s landscape. The fact that 69% of American citizens own a cat or a dog while 71% have visited Disney World brightly illustrates the abovementioned.

The idea around Disney originated from the basic themes in life of a family, friendship and the struggle for independence. Once in Disneyland, people are filled with the overwhelming feeling that in the end everything will be great. The fulfillment of wishes and dreams is one of Disney’s most popular themes. This theme brings history to life by paying tribute to characters and stories that touched numerous lives. The theme Park assures its users that their wishes and dreams will come true as long as they are within it.

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Current generations have an insatiable desire to escape the responsibility and pressure of the real world. This fuels their need for a themed environment, a place where they can dream, even if it is only temporary.  Many have argued that Disney promotes stereotypical gender roles. For instance, it strongly promotes the portrayal of single women as dominant and defines a very specific form of femininity or masculinity. Disney reinforces these stereotypes in the society by conveying certain beliefs, customs or values to females and males from a very early age. This is also aided by the fact that Disney is the leader in children’s entertainment which has led to other numerous accusations. For instance, it has been claimed that Disney gives children an unrealistic view of the world. The common example given is the princess in the fairytales. Many girls grow up expecting or even dreaming of a prince who will come and sweep them off their feet and they will live happily ever after.

Despite its effects on the society and the many theories or facts surrounding Disneyland, I love going to Disney. It is a peaceful and clean environment, where everything is possible. In my opinion, a dose of magic once in a while is good for everybody. 

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