An explanatory response is a response explaining the occurrence of phenomena. Many questions about relationships revolve around two variables. These are the explanatory variable also known as the independent variable and the response variable also known as the dependant variable. In general the value if the variable that is independent or explanatory for an individual explains the valued of the same individual that is dependant i.e. the response.

The fundamental explanatory principle is that objects responses can be designed as part of predictors of varied natures. The predictors can be (a) feature of objects, of individuals, and of mixtures of individuals and objects; (b) visible or hidden (of either objects or individuals); and these could be (c) dormant progressive or dormant definite. In this manner a wide variety of models is assured, containing a extensive assortment of existing objects response models and those of new objects.

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In such a range, models approaches that have explanatory predictors are issued particular attention in many texts.  The term "item responses" not only refer to the customary "test data," but also connote a notion widely conceived as categorical information from a repeated examinations design. A result the information collected from studies consisting recurring interpretation experimental models, or with longitudinal models, could as well be modeled

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