It is claimed that the product prevents malnutrition caused by the lack of food and a balanced diet. The supplement helps in giving optimum health. The research cited to support the claims is that diets based on cereals can lead to malnutrition. These cereals include rice, maize, or wheat among others. Using the supplement prevents this malnutrition. The users of the product have provided testimonials in support of the product. These people are found in the rural areas where getting a balanced diet is difficult. They have confessed to the effectiveness of the supplement.

The providers of the supplement are trained, thus they are in a position to give a better account on the effect of the supplement to the users. These individuals were not paid whatsoever to provide the endorsement. The warnings, risks, or potentially harmful side effects presented include the fact that the use of the supplement can bring complications to the health of an individual. The supplement contains ingredients such as micronutrients, minerals, and vitamins, high quality of protein with amino-acid that has Lysine. Biologically and nutritionally, the vitamins and nutrients help to prevent diseases. Proteins give the energy which helps in building the body. Lysine is essential in giving energy as it lacks in most cereals.

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The supplement is “specially formulated” to enhance its efficacy by having the various ingredients that help in malnutrition. The targets consumers are the less fortunate who have inadequate diet. The users of the supplement support the view that it is the best solution to malnutrition. The producer is Compact AS. This is a globally renowned and reputable organization with high-quality nutritional products and services. The supplement is approved as “safe and effective” by the federal Food and Drug Administration for distribution and supply.In terms of nutritional benefits and risks, the supplement compares to the following items: orange juice, milk, coffee, multivitamin tablets, carrots, ordinary yogurt, cottage cheese, and wheat bread. The items listed cannot be available all the time hence the supplement can be of nutritional benefit. The claims on the supplement are true and plausible because the supplement gives nutritional benefit to its users. 

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