The first article describes how the Hollywood movie industry engages Wal-Mart in their online marketing agenda. This is meant to reach a large number of clients since Wal-Mart has a wide range of clientele. It is also meant to awaken the sales rate within the organization.
The second article talks about China prohibiting the buying of cars that are imported. This is meant to reduce the competition for the local brands and to increase sales of local brands. It reduces competition thus boost the local economy. The third article addresses the performance of Google + as opposed to the expected performance. The performance of the company was expected to be exceptional but this has failed to materialize. The article points out the exceptional features that are found in Google + like hang out and the measures that can be implemented in order to improve the performance of Google +.

Wal-Mart and Hollywood

In international business, the product passes through many hands before it reaches the final consumer (Ferrell & Hartline, 2010). It leaves the hands of the producer and goes through the channel of distribution. At every stage of the distribution channel, value addition takes place (Kung & Bustillo, 2012). Companies also share duties to enhance the better performance of products.
In this article, the Hollywood movie industry recruited the Wal-Mart Stores Inc., to the Online Video Library. The Hollywood Movie industry realizes that it is struggling in marketing the online video library. The realization that Wal-Mart amazingly performs many sales online is among the factors why it was chosen. The Hollywood movie industry also took this step in a bid to counter the digital piracy that has been so prevalent in the market. This was also geared towards combating the fading DVD market (Kung & Bustillo, 2012).
The article illustrates that the role of Wal-Mart shall be to help in providing an in store service that helps customers register all their DVDs. This endeavor will reveal the DVDs owned by each particular customer. They shall do this using the Ultra Violet System, which is digital proof. The digital proof system allows customers to store their TV titles and movies in personal libraries that are online personal. The strength of Wal-Mart is utilized by Hollywood movies industry in a bid to strengthen the sales of the movies. This helps to boost the sales of the company.

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The opening of local markets to exports sometimes works to slow down, and some time kills the local industries (Ferrell & Hartline, 2010). However, sometimes it provides a wide variety to the local market. To this extent, it increases competition in the local market thus; goods are available at fair prices to consumers.
The article illustrates the initiative by China to stop government officials from buying foreign car brands (Shirouzu, 2012). The brands, which China intends to stop from being bought, include Toyota and Volkswagen in a bid to stop competition. Government officials are requested to purchase only locally branded cars and Chinese officials pushing for this initiative have an agenda of bolstering the local market.
The article indicates that this will have a symbolic impact as the government cars amount to more than 14 million cars (Shirouzu, 2012). This is likely to affect the supplies that are provided by the foreign automakers. This environment is worrying as far as international business is concerned. The article indicated that the efforts have started to take effect. In the most recent purchase, no foreign brand was included.
The initiative might serve to make the prices of local cars increased as China closes the flow of exported cars. The locals will also have a lower variety to choose from, as the brands available will be decreased. Finally, free trade is very vital since it ensures that the consumer gets the appropriate goods to help boost performance.

Google +

Every company must have a competitive edge to be effective in the local market (Ferrell & Hartline, 2010). A company must do enough research to know the strengths and weakness of other companies. This is done by conducting a SWOT analysis. The mode of entrant must also be considered to have a grand entrant. It is also important to establish a niche market that needs a company’s products.

This article points out that Google + has not made as much impact as it was meant to make. This is mainly due to stiff competition from other social media services (Efrati, 2012). Google+ was launched in June last year and has since had 90 million users subscribe to its use. Larry page the chief executive says that Google + is a huge competitor as far as social media is concerned.

The article indicates that the site cannot compare to Facebook. It indicated that people sign up stay for a few minutes and log out. This is different as far as Facebook is concerned. The people sign up and stay logged in for many hours. The attempt by Google + to beat Facebook has yet  to materialize. Goggle + gave has similar features as Facebook as people can share photos and articles. Google + has additional features that make it better than Twitter and Facebook (Efrati, 2012). These were originally implemented by Google to make it have a competitive edge as far as its competitors are concerned. These features include hanging out where a group of up to ten people can have video competitions.

Google + faces stiff competition from Facebook, which has 845 million users to date. The article points out that Google has yet to approach customers to advertise on the site. Google, however, advertises heavily on newspapers and  TV commercials. The Google + campaign should add more vigor, and the company officials should reach out to improve this feature. It should also be advertised ardently to all consumers.


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