In his letter to Isaac McPherson, Thomas Jefferson points out the uniqueness of an idea. When compared to other forms of property, a notion in one’s mind seems to be exclusive. This is because the moment it is shared, it ceases to be an idea. The giver of the idea does not lose anything by sharing it. Moreover, Jefferson emphasizes that the receiver acquires the whole of the idea, not a part of it (Holland & Reed 2007).

I totally agree with Thomas Jefferson in his theory of intellectual property. In various places in the world, it had been believed that inventors have had a natural right to their ideas. This might only serve the inventor and his/her heirs (Barrett 2008). The society itself cannot benefit from such policies. Some time back, England gave the legal right to the exclusive use of an idea. This have only sidelined other members of the society and deprived them of the chance to progress using those ideas (Parr Smith 2005).

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It is true that a candle cannot get darker because of lighting another candle. This is the same case when it comes to sharing of ideas. One does not lose an idea after sharing it with someone else. Actually, one gains a lot after sharing ideas with other people. The other people can refine the idea and eliminate the flaws in it. Therefore, the idea is put into better use for the benefit of more people (Parr & Smith 2011).


Intellectual property is property that belongs to the public unless a government intervenes. However, some governments may prefer to protect the idea of a few individuals. Thomas Jefferson gives the solution to this controversial issue. In the areas where mental property was protected, it only caused embarrassment among the citizens and did not favor development. Therefore, people should share whatever ideas they have without any fear of loss.

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