Communication Journal Assessment

The animal kingdom is quite varied and magical, and this is special. We are able to connect them with life; each animal has the ability to connect with a human being. The encounter has the ability to show itself intensely in our psyche. The ability to be represented as an animal shows us that we have an inner ability to visit new regions, to take in complex and difficult lessons, and to get to know wisdom and internal oneness when something happens in our lives.

My animal totem is a Dove. The Dove has been quite significant in my life in that it brings out my inner attribute which is the sense of peace with everyone and everything, harmony with everything that I encounter, virtue, and being friendly (Ginter). The energy acquired from the dove is majorly noticed when it is veered towards establishing a joyful home with every person. The dove has been more useful as it eliminates grudges and eliminates anger and bad thoughts. The dove also does bring to light the protection that is offered by influential spiritual forces.

The dove has been quite reserved, and it does not desire to offer any challenges to other people. It discourages any form of violent confrontation with a dangerous individual. This has hindered me from standing out from the crowd and gaining respect. The dove similarly does acquire the vigor that is needed in accomplishing tasks or struggling to achieve something better than anyone else. It tends to be keeping other people first and me coming last, a fact that is really taken as advantage by friends. The same form of gratitude has to be shown to people who have done me wrong and blocked my advances in one way or another. In simple terms, I am to act staying back for each every person to be ahead.

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Leadership Assessment

The area that I need most improvement in is commitment. Commitment is a constant promise that is meant to be upheld at all conditions. It is meant to offer complete dedication to the acquisition of a certain objective. The ability to be constant means ensuring that one does not go back on the promise. One is devoted and has a rigid purpose. My sense of commitment has been quite low and has led me to be in conflict with the people close to me. I have not been constant in what I do; as a result, I have turned back on what I am supposed to be committed to ( The sense of character and trait is necessary for one to acquire self-discipline for success in dealing with bad trends.

For me, improvement means having a fixed resolution and putting down my desire. What I am meant to achieve makes me confirm that I am earnest. The other thing is to create a promise to myself that I am going to set my energy, time, and dedication in achieving my intention. I am to convince myself that success is not far from acquisition. Visualizing success of what I want would replicate itself in the real world with the assistance of the mind which stimulates to what I desire to acquire. The focus should be on the outcome. Complete attention to the commitment that is set is vital to acquire the final objective. Keen focus on the objectives maintains the mental and emotional power and issues one the necessary force to get it. Consequently, the best has to be issued with no consideration for any form of doubt, fear, and insecurities. Advancement has to be made each and every day as well as adding effort the initial day. 

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