Waging a living is a film that highlights the daily challenges faced by low income earners in the United States of America. The author illustrates the hardships faced by many unnoticed American’s in their efforts to earn a livelihood for themselves and their children. The low income earning group is faced by a multitude of challenges which include drug abuse, domestic strife disease and severe cases of poverty. The author highlights the difficulty faced by this group of people in securing employment which can sustain their families and themselves. The meager wages made by the characters are outweighed by their needs and those of their dependants. The author uses a grandmother who supports her grandchildren and her ailing daughter without anyone’s help. He also uses a single mother who tries to balance between her job, her children and her class. The author uses the example of a security guard who struggles with addiction and dreams of decent living conditions and better pay. The author portrays a society afflicted by chronic poverty, disease, drug abuse and joblessness.

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Roger Weisberg is an author and producer of documentaries. He started public policy productions in 1982 after working for four years as a producer for thirteen/WNET, in New York. Roger Weisberg has produced twenty nine documentaries since he started public policy productions. His documentaries have ranged in topics from, adolescent sexuality, defense policy, child welfare, aging, health care and the environment. His documentaries have received in excess of one hundred awards among them, Emmy, DuPont-Columbia and Peabody. His documentaries are narrated by distinguished journalists and showcased by renowned actors. Roger Weisberg received an academy nomination in 2000 and 2003 for “sound and fury” and “why can’t we be a family again” respectively. Roger Weisberg continues to develop and produce documentaries which affect everyday lives of people across the world.

The film waging a living is crucial in identifying issues that affect many poor people. This film helps in making progressive plans in alleviating poverty. The issues of poverty and single parents have been a problem without a solution for many people. Single parents are the most afflicted by the poverty scourge. This film goes a long way in educating and motivating people on these issues. It will help in sensitizing the relevant authorities which include the government and nongovernmental organizations on the plight faced by significantly poor single mothers.

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