Project managers are professionals within a project who have the responsibility of planning activities, execution of the activities and finalization of any project. In a project, the project manager has the responsibility of ensuring that all the stated objectives of the project, set in the beginning, are achieved (Meredith and Mantel, 2011). The project manger normally deals with formulation of project objectives, building of the project requirements and dealing with the problems of the project. Their main role is to complete a project.

Good project managers should have commitment and determination. One must be an individual, who is committed to doing something and is ready to see it through to the end. Good project manager does all things within his power to ensure that the project gets completed, even when others want to give up.

Good project managers should also have leadership skills. This is because they are the driving force of the project. Good leadership skills entail the ability to plan, execute, and manage a project successfully to the end. They must have the skills to lead others and make them willing to follow (Kerzner, 2009).

I would feel comfortable leading a project because I have the capabilities of coordinating a team, and coming up with workable objectives that can be achieved within a specified time frame. This, I believe, is the key requirement to be able to lead a project. I would be able to lead people into planning and executing specific objectives.

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I got to lead a science project that was to last two months. We were divided into groups of four and we were to come up with a science topic of our choice, research on it and compile information, which was then to be tested practically. I was the project manger, whereby, my main role was to manage every step of the project through delegation and supervision. At higher levels, I have planned and managed five projects to their successful completion.

Information technology project managers have the responsibility of managing and implementing the information technology systems. It is a consulting style role, whereby, project managers work with the system users, vendors and internal technical resources to facilitate the delivery of products and solutions (Meredith and Mantel, 2011). The experience that I have in IT project management is that I have developed project proposals before on the basis of cost and benefit which I have successfully presented to the users to obtain their approval.

I possess the abilities of a project manager. I am an extremely committed and dedicated person. I plan my work strategically and see it through to the end. I am thrifty and take my time to ensure that all set objectives get achieved.  I also possess exceptional leadership skills which enable me to see through any project. I am a transformational leader who is highly action oriented. This, therefore, means that I engage people in team work during the project, which helps to achieve objectives.

A reliable project manager must be one that ensures that a project moves through its stages successfully until we receive an end result. Every successful project must have a beginning, a process, and an ending (Kerzner, 2009).

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