Spreadsheets and relational data bases are related in many different aspects. These applications help to store data, calculate numbers and minimize redundancy. This paper seeks to discuss the differences and the similarities of the same.

Similarities Between Spreadsheets and Relational Data Bases

There are many similarities between rational data bases and spreadsheets. These similarities include: capability to perform calculations, query data, manipulate information and store information in different formats such as tabular format. The information stored by data bases and spread sheets are stored in a unique and organized way that ensure that users are able to perform calculations, update information, delete information and provide calculations in case of any queries. Relational data bases and spreadsheets are structured in a way that allows proper organization, organized in columns and rows to form a tabular format (Aitken 2007).  These structures contain all the useful information in the form of value, dates, numbers and texts. This simply means that data bases and spreadsheets allow the user to update, delete or add more data. Spreadsheets and data bases are unique data analysis tools that are used to optimize data settings.

Differences between Spreadsheets and Relational Data Bases

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Relational data bases and spread sheets are different in many ways. It is necessary to note that spreadsheets are much more user friendly as compared to relational data bases. However, spread sheets are less powerful as compared to data bases. This simply means that data bases are more powerful. A spreadsheet is a program that analyzes and records numbers while relational data bases are electronic filing systems which help to organize applications within a computer program (Watson 2008).  It is also amusing to note that relational data bases are more flexible as compared to spreadsheets. Additionally, the most popular programs are relational data bases. This is because of its unique applications and structure as compared to spreadsheets. Another fundamental difference between data bases and spread sheets is the ability of applications to handle a large amount of data in the stipulated time. In this case, spreadsheet acts as a calculator while data bases act as a retrieval system (Halpin and Morgan 2008).


Data bases are a subcategory of a spreadsheet. This is because it is designed to enforce security, data integrity and provide different mechanisms. In this way, a data interface is provided, and information is stored and organized properly.

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