Volcom Inc. has established itself as the rider of waves in the modern trends. This research concentrates over the analytical aspects related to the promotional and business trends followed by the company in attaining relevant popularity and customers’ response at large scale and on global basis.

Strategic Factors

The strategic factors adopted by Volcom Inc. is basically related to the promotions and advertisements related to athlete sponsorship, branded events, advertisements by print media, participation of online marketing, retail stores, entertainment business and Featured Artist Series (Wheelen and J. Hunger, 2011). The proceedings of the company are very much concerned and consistent to the heritage of board sport. This is attained to meet customers’ "poseurs" status along with the motto of “youth against the establishment” (O'Leary, 2011). However, it is necessary to note that there is actually no real kind of connection related to the brand representation. By means of corporate sponsorship related to the extreme kind of events to sport athletic and label of music. Volcom, Inc. derived a low-cost grassroots to get into the market and to manage with a determined and loyal group of customers.  The management of this company maintains the strategy to meet the target customer and thereby maintain them as the core element of the market without following the option of "selling out".

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Current Mission and Objectives

The current and absolute mission of Volcom Inc. is related to the establishment of its mark as a sport company, with the format of integrated mentality towards extreme sports.

Eventually it is apt to note that Volcom Inc. has got the open-mindedness side of life and is very predominant in terms of reflecting the business as per the targeted customers. Volcom has been changing constantly and is regularly moving forward with share price of $4.69 US million towards their creative kind of output.

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