Search phrases are used to obtain specific information via the internet, using a search engine. Therefore, the essay uses Google as the search engine for comparing the outcome of two phrases, which are; “commercial television” and “television commercial”, and explain a difference in the outcomes. The aim of the comparison is to outline whether there should be a specific criterion that has to be used in searching for specific information. According to the Australian Communication and Media Authority, the phrase “commercial television” gives a meaning that indicates an industry in media, with rule guiding its operations (Australian Communication and Media Authority, 2010). The rules have to be in accordance with the requirements of the authority. Also, the phrase depicts the media industry where commercial undertakings and other important information are being aired.

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            On the other hand, the phrase “television commercial” refers to the specific commercial advertisements that are conveyed on television shows (Small Business Encyclopedia, 2011). Indeed, the advertisements create awareness of the existence of a product. It is a marketing system that the manufacturing companies, commercial outlets and other organizations use to convey the information to the intended group of people. Notably, the organizations pay for the cost of running the advertisement.

            Therefore, from the findings, “commercial television” indicates the means that is used to pass advertisements and other crucial messages to the intended group of people. Alternatively, “television commercial” is the advertisement or message being passed. This is an indication that the search phrases would give different meanings and should be used appropriately. When one wants to find the media outlet for marketing his/her products, the appropriate search phase would be “commercial television”, whereas, if the advertiser wants to get a sample advertisement online, for a television show, the appropriate search phrase would be “television commercial”. The implication of the finding is that, the usage of appropriate phrase makes the search easy, objective and produces the intended outcome. 

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