Universal sports network (USN) is the name of a new television network that seeks to cover and broadcast a huge variety of sports. It has become evident that there is a huge variety of sports and games in the world. Each of these games has its own diehard fans and lovers who would love to watch matches of the games on television. However, tournaments and games of unpopular or little known sports are currently not receiving adequate coverage.

The lack of a television network that covers and broadcasts unpopular games and sports has left fans scattered all over the world, without an avenue of watching them as they are being played. Most sport television networks existing nowadays either cover a one popular sport throughout e.g. soccer or put a lot of emphasis on the coverage of only few sports and games. This norm has left out a large number of fans and lovers of unpopular games, who would have loved to watch matches of their favourite games as they are being played.  It is because of the above reasons that lovers of unpopular sports, have for a long time now been longing for a television network that will cover and broadcast a wide variety of sports. Universal sports network seeks to satisfy the interests of these viewers.

The network aims to capture the interest of sport lovers all over the world. In more specific terms, the network aims to allow fans of each individual sport, either popular or unpopular, to have an avenue of watching the matches of each sport as they happen live. These will help to ensure that both male and female viewers, either young or old, find some sport they can watch and enjoy.

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USN plans to implement a number of strategies to ensure that they capture a large number of viewers. The most obvious strategy is that the network plans to cover a very large number of both indoor and outdoor games. It plans to cover sports and games taking place all over the world. This strategy was adopted by evaluating the operations of Super Sport, a network broadcasting similar content like that which USN plans to broadcast. The strategy is being implemented to ensure that almost every viewer will at least find a sport that he/she can comfortably watch and enjoy.

Another strategy that USN plans to use to capture a large audience is that the network will broadcast games to a worldwide audience. The network wants to be international. Its goal is to ensure that viewers from all the corners of the world will be able to watch games it shall broadcast. This approach of viewers is also similar with that of Super Sport. The network hopes that this strategy will ensure that a huge population of viewers can be reached.

USN also plans to have many channels within the network in order to support its ability to cover many sports and tournaments. This characteristic is also similar with that of Super Sport. However, USN plans to have even bigger number of channels. It hopes that this strategy will go a long way in helping them to operate efficiently and effectively. Time will also be allocated for sports news. Sessions for the analysis of different sports and matches will be provided. The same norm is also followed by Super Sport. The norm greatly helps to enhance the knowledge of viewers about certain games and sports. USN plans to have a more comprehensive and in-depth sessions for news and analysis to increase their ability to capture more viewers.

All the strategies stated above have been borrowed from a similar television network i.e. Super Sport. It has been observed that the use of the above strategies have gone a long way in helping Super Sport to achieve the success it already has. USN hopes that by implementing the above strategies in a better manner than Super Sport it will be able to capture an even bigger audience than that of its competitor.

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