I. Adrenal Stress Profile

1. What are your score? - My score was 66.

2. Were you shocked by your score? – No, I wasn’t.

3. Do you agree with your score? Why or why not? – I think I agree with my score, if I will base it from the type of questions presented in this assignment. Most of the questions where indicative of a degree of stress; given that I am stressed for most part, I think it is logical for me to have adrenal burnout.

4. Do you think you have more physical, emotional, or environmental stress? – I think that for the most part, I have more of emotional stress, although environmental stress also plays a significant part of it. Being an immigrant from Germany, I am still not very confident about speaking the language, and am still currently adjusting to the different cultural profile in this country. However, I think that emotional stress is my main problem—given my age, the pressure of my studies really takes a toll on me, even in my relationship with my husband. In addition, it is never easy for any mother to be separated from her children—I have two children left at Germany.

5. Are you going to make any lifestyle changes? If so, what? – At present, I think that I will not make any lifestyle changes. Maybe, my current priorities play a large part in this decision. My future, as well as the future of my family is very important to me right now, and in order to fulfill my goals for the future, finishing my studies is top priority. It is a good thing that I am given the chance to start a new career here in this country, given that I have given up my career in Germany so that I could immigrate here. From my personal point of view, as long as I am able to finish my Respiratory Therapy program, I may be able to bounce back and be relieved from the stress that I am feeling right now—especially when I will be able to get my kids back.

II. Selective Awareness

"Having to make a presentation before a group of people"

In this scenario, one of the most negative aspects is the pressure felt with the idea that a lot of people are in front of you. Of course, no one would want to experience being laughed at or to be embarrassed in front of people, which is actually a very high possibility especially when one is not able to make a presentation in the expected manner. However, it is interesting to note that in most cases, even though one may have been able to prepare a lot for this presentation, their nervousness usually causes them to suffer from mental block right, compromising their presentation. In addition, another negative aspect in being under this scenario is the possibility of failing to meet expectations. This is very true for academic achievers—they instantly feel the pressure that that they must have the best presentation among all others; and sometimes, they tend to fall under pressure.

However, with this scenario, it is also possible for one to focus on the positive components instead of cracking under pressure, or succumbing to nervousness. One is by thinking that in this presentation, one is able to prove himself/herself to this group of people. This is especially true for the ones who are deemed as shy and timid; being able to successfully deliver their presentation will surely change people’s perception towards themselves.

In addition, it may also be helpful for one to make this opportunity to prove their worth and stand out from others. By having the opportunity to speak in front a group of people and have a successful presentation, there is the possibility that one can be able to show his/her true potentials and abilities, and to be finally recognized by the people around. This would ultimately help to boos one’s self-esteem and confidence. Going through such experience would surely make one be better in coming presentations. 

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