The website focuses on providing users with information on flying lessons and activities. The website has an interesting visual flow in that those who visit the website can track the access menu on the upper horizontal frame of the window, and the contact information is also organized in a similar pattern. The website has a large white space, which we can refer to as the canvas on which the content items are arranged.

The white space is spread out through the window and the dark color scheme chosen enables the user to easily identify menu items. Repetition has not been widely pursued by the designer of the website, probably because the website focuses on providing professional information that can benefit a specific group of users. Finally, balance is well utilized in the website in that items are arranged in a centralized orientation mechanism. This allows the user to view items easily, while they are less cluttered on the white space.

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The design elements on the page include shape, texture, lines, and direction. These have been used by the designers to achieve the required functionality of the website. The texture of the web page is smooth, while the border lines used are single on the window frame of the page. The shape of the page is essentially a form, which aims at creating a three dimensional aspect to enable the reader view the items in a better format.

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