The statement that the births of teenagers continue to increase in the United States is false. With the improved technology and education programs to make teens aware of the effects and disadvantage of early pregnancy, the statement cannot be true. According to the data provide by the Natality Data File, National Vital Statistics System, teen birth rate has been declining since 1950 on the long-term. Childbearing in teen decreased by 9 percent from 2009 to 2010 with a major decline being recorded between 1991 through 2010 by a rate of 44 percent. The conclusion I drew is very true. However the statement provided is not true and does not represent the conducted research accurately since a decline in the cases of teen childbearing has evidently declined.

Single parenthood seems to have overtaken the typical family structure in the United States that comprise of a married couple with their children. My opinion is that the given statement is false. According to the article, America’s Families and Living Arrangement, family groups with children ceased to decline in the mid-1990s. The rates of divorce have decreased and a significant decline of non-marital pregnancies particularly in teens has also been experienced.  My assessment was thus not accurate as the statement accurately represents the research conducted.

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The statement that the elderly are more likely to be in poverty when compared to other age groups is very true. The research conducted on Description of Income and Poverty Data Sources, is adequate and provides precise results. The elderly are mostly not engaged in reliable employment and mostly have ill-health thus spending more on medication and as a result, experience adverse poverty.  My assessment of the statement was accurate. The statement also is very truthful in representing the conducted research.

The term paradigm refers to a pattern or examples put in a simplified form in order to explain certain processes, procedures and theoretical arguments. Research and inquiry develop in the intellectual structure and assumptions of paradigm. The social world is only viewed to make sense through the conceptual framework provided by paradigm. Paradigms are very significant as they shape how individuals observe the world. The recognition of a paradigm by a researcher is very essential as it distinguishes it from other perspectives and defines the course of the research project.

 The methodology belief on paradigm is very vital as it supports the advancement of the research in ethics and multi-national workplace. A business for instance is known to be the most pragmatic among the social organizations. A successful research on ethics and multi-national workplace will be conducted if the relationship between the known and the inquirer is well understood through the paradigm category of epistemology. 

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