As a rule, the sex shops are located in the streets of large cities where no culture is discriminated or oppressed. Their products and services are restricted only to people who have come of age. The shops mostly deal with sex goods that are used in sex plays by grownups. The sex shops are also a popular place for those with sex problems or those who would like to try new sex experiences. The business here is run just like in any other industry, and the staff members are concerned with customer satisfaction. To find out some of the issues that go on in the sex shops, I visited Castle mega store.

Goods on Offer

The store had a variety of goods for use in customer satisfaction. Some of the products that they offered were adult toys, dildos, male enhancement products and vibrators. All these goods were strategically placed. For example, the vibrators had a wide range of display. They had different colors as well as sizes. Therefore, they covered a considerably large area of the mega store. There was also a wide range of male enhancements, which were strategically placed. The customers found it easy to locate each of these products (Martin 2009).

Shop Organization

The sex shop seemed to be more organized compared to other stores, which provide other products. This is probably because it offered sensitive products. The store also serves sensitive customers since sexual services are not equal to any other services. This was the main scenario in Castle mega store. Customers who were used to the place knew exactly where to find the products they were looking. For example, the male enhancements were placed in a separate area of the store. This seemed to prevent the conflict of interest as well as reduce the customer’s effort in searching for the goods. There were also some areas which had mixed products such that couples visited the areas together and consulted the employees. The vibrators were also placed in their own corner of the store where the people interested could view them. The customers who visited this area seemed to interact freely with the employees. Also, Castle mega store was quite a mega store. It had enough space for the products as well as the viewing of the customers. Therefore, the goods could be viewed easily, and the satisfaction of the customers was easy to achieve (Gamson 2004).

The Workers

Unlike the customers, the workers did not appear to be extremely tense. Although some of them seemed to have a hard time, most of them looked relaxed. Unlike the customers, who were constantly avoiding my questions, the employees answered them with perfect ease. The workers were extremely busy, each specializing in a particular area. The workers who were selling the sex products to be used on the skin seemed to be fully professional. They seemed to have considerable experience by the ease with which they served the customers (Cavendish 2009). There were also shop attendants whose main job was to market products that were up for sale. They informed customers on goods that were not in their knowledge. They explained how they worked and how they should have been used. From my questions to the employees, I discovered that they undergo serious interviews before securing a place in the sex shop. This shows that they only pick the best suited people for the job.


I talked to different people in the store ranging from sellers to customers. However, my interactions were mainly with the customers. I talked to several customers and asked them several questions. For example, I asked them about the services that were being offered. Some of them who seemed to be used to the place claimed to be satisfied with the services of the employees. However, most of the customers evaded my questions. They seemed not to be proud of the idea that they were seeking sexual pleasures from the store. Most of the customers seemed to be embarrassed when the employees asked if they could help them. The reason as to why I asked this question is to find out from the customers whether they supported the activities going on in the store. (Gayle 1984).

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Although some of the customers tried to look comfortable about it, there was a general tense environment in the store. People did not say hello to each other. I was only greeted by one employee who thought that I was also a client. It was quite awkward when she asked if she could help me. This is because it was not just another product or service being offered in the place.

They were offering services which related to sexual pleasure and activities. As I interviewed the employees, I noticed, to my surprise, that not all of them were comfortable in the job. I mainly asked if they were satisfied with the jobs they were doing. Some of those who agreed to talk to me claimed that they were satisfied with the idea of helping people have a more fulfilling sex life. However, some of them said that it was embarrassing when some kinds of customers visited the store. For example, elderly customers seemed to be difficult to handle as well as serve. According to the employees, they had come here to solve similar problems or receive satisfaction (Cavendish, 2009). The vibe here was sexuality and its contents. The consumers and the employees were seeking to know an individual’s sex orientation, experience, and wishes.

Business in the Sex Shops

The employees of the sex shop seemed to have considerable experience in their work. I was able to deduce this from the interviews that I made on the customers. The store seemed to be organized with a unique style that was rare in the other stores. This is because it offered goods that could not be found in other stores, in the area. The business was also conducted fast and in a professional manner (Kick 2005). The only activity that seemed to consume some time was consultation. The customers were served fast, and the flow of business ensured. Impulse buying was not common in the shop. The customers seemed to know where to go as well as what to buy.

Geographic Location

The store is located in a highly trafficked area. It is near other stores, which offered other products. The location in the busy area seemed to achieve the attraction of many consumers. It was located in an area that had outstanding highways of the country and was exposed to the people who were found in the busy streets as they went about their daily activities. The large shopping centers that surrounded the area suggested that there were always plenty of customers in the area (Manchester 1986). This shows that the store serves a large population of citizens. This also shows the popularity that these services had among people from different areas.

My View of the Place

The place can be concluded to be sex positive. This is because it promotes as well as embraces open sexuality. It makes sexual pleasures easy to access just like any other product in the market. The place offers numerous services and gadgets which can be used for sexual pleasures and experimentation. The kinds of services offered in the place suggested the support of all consensual sexual activities. It creates that a feeling that all these behaviors are plausible as well as healthy. Therefore, the place can be said to be sex positive. This place can be said to have gone beyond the acceptable values of some societies. It just seemed not to be doing the right thing.


It is right to conclusively state that sex shops are developing to become a common phenomenon in most societies, in the world. This happens as people seek to get new erotic, sexual experiences and take their sexual live to another level. The organization of the sex shops and their management also seems to assure the society that this is not only a new form of profit making business but also a new opportunity for employment. The accessibility of the Internet can also be considered a substantial boost in the selling and buying sex and its associated goods. The governments and authorities seem to have accepted this fact, which is demonstrated by their will to licensing the business. However, the ethical implication of such actions should not be overlooked.

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