The wedding photo of Prince William and Kate Middleton is a fascinating photography. The composition of the photo is good. The pattern of relaying the images as the couple shares their first public kiss attracts the attention of the viewer. The two seem to be relaxed and in a jovial mood. The lighting of the photo is a little dim to depict the romantic moments relayed by the couple.

In the photo, there are two pageboys and two bridesmaids. One outstanding feature about the bridesmaids is their reaction towards the screams from the crowd. The two pageboys express their joy by waving and smiling to the crowd. The photo is symmetrical with the strongest point of interest being the reaction of one of the bridesmaid, Grace Van Cutsem, who could not withstand the noise from the joyous crowd. She uses her hands to block the ears from the noise.

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The clever use of texture portrays the picture as three-dimensional. The texture comes out evidently as the light hits the kissing couple. The lines used also draw the attention and the eye of the viewer to the key focal points in the image which are the couple and the bridesmaid. The depth of the field portrays strong isolation between the images and the background. The darkness in the background of the image clearly makes the image conspicuous.

Another aspect in the image is framing. In this case, the frame captures the couple and the three-year old bridesmaid who seems very scared. The use of frame shows that the point of interest in the photo is the couple and the young girl. The viewer’s attention is drawn to focus on the two. The sensation is the girl’s face and the relaxation is clearly juxtaposed in the frame. The image is given more depth by the frame. It is worth noting that the dark background in the frame brings out the images into a clear view and analysis. 

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