The magazine is aimed at providing information to UK tourists who are interested in Olympics. For this industry to run smoothly, there is need to implement ways on how to develop and manage it. This sustainability will involve various steps and renovation so as to ensure it is well developed. Sustainable tourism entails enhancing development projects that will try to harmonize both the economical and social goals in relation to the environment (Korstanje, 2012). In order to have a good planning for the sustainable tourism, there is need to recognize the factors that can be limiting the development such as poor transportation facilities.

For this development planning to take place, there is need for one to ensure that the plans on incurring a development progress puts into consideration the total benefits and costs of the choices made in relationship to the effects they have on the social and economic stand points. The company should also ensure that stakeholders get an equal distribution of the benefits.  The industry should aim at always being the best place people want to be in and would enjoy coming back another day. In the planning it should also be made sure that the costs of developing structures such as roads do not prevail over the benefits the industry makes.

Each objective made should be evaluated on the bases of its contribution towards the economic growth, employment, development of roads as well as water and energy conservation. Tourism is an industry that its growth depends on the availability of an attraction site. For this industry to be success then there is need for it to be accessible in terms of transportation.

Attraction site should be close to a good road that will promote many people enjoying their journey there. For this factor, the U.K government ought then to work hard to ensure that it roads or other transportation means are safe and nice to travel on. The site of attraction should also be located on an area where there are various attractions either animals, cultural items or birds. The raw materials for this Olympic village should attractive floors and walls matched with shiny roofs. A destination zone should consist of two or more groups of people who will assist each other in the distribution of the services. There also should include one or more sites of attractions. The transportation access should also be well built. The area should be creative and should use an attractive art work to decorate their entrance or gate.

Cost and benefit

As a matter of fact, this industry has both benefits as well as losses. This gets to vary in various destinations. Tourism has been thought to have the subsequent benefits and costs:

Tourism has been a prominent source of employment to the local people. In return, their lives have been made comfortable since they are in a position of accessing the basic needs. The poverty level in the country has tremendously gone down as a result. Local industries have also been created. Hotels, transport services, lodging services and guide services have been created. These services are mostly created for the tourists benefits. Most people are able to earn income as result of the same. Infrastructures have also had a development touch. The local government has tried making its roads better and comfortable to travel on. This makes the tourists to visit many areas even those that are found in the interior areas. Tourism is also a source of foreign exchange as well as tax revenue. This is very advantageous to the government in the local country of the U.K as it gets to earn income that it uses to develop other amenities in its country.


The jobs that crop up as a result of tourism may be low paying and ones that require very less skills. The local people in the U.K may get experience inflation of prices on goods as the local industries try to make profits the health and police services also provisions are also improved . As a result the local people may get to suffer in the process. In most cases people experience problems while trying to get a way in to the staff houses as the first priorities are granted unto the tourists. Despite the fact that tourism is seen as a source of income, it can also be disadvantageous to the country of U.K if it gets to be seasonal as the country will be experiencing great problems in the income since it will also be unpredictable.

Social costs

The tourism industry may be a main source of crime, traffics, change in lifestyles where by people from the local country get to change their lifestyle and acquire that one they copy from the tourists. They may also tend to change their local language and incorporate it with the one of the tourists (Hunziker, 1942).  This may lead to the culture of this community in question getting eroded .There may also be traffic jams as the local people in the U.K struggle to travel as well as the tourists this may lead to pollution of the air as much the cars being used to travel may be a great source of air pollution. Mostly this is experienced in the coastal tourism where by the youths in the U.K get to get their ways in the beach where the tourists are and get to steal from them.

Environmental costs

Congestion and speedy growth resulting from tourism can have a negative effect on the environment. This is due to excessive use of land leading it to being loose and unfertile. The congestion of people has been a hazard to the environment since people take it as an advantage and get to throw litter aimlessly. Through creation of new tourist sites the initial inhabitants may be displaced and their initial homes destroyed.  Due to often use of the roads they get to be exposed to the risk of getting to wear out faster.

The tourism industry has been a main source of income to the country of U.K. Being the main investor, it has managed to earn a lot of money from the same and in turn it uses this money to improve other amenities such as hospital, roads and police services. This industry has also been a great source of income to the other stakeholders search as the guides, chefs and drivers who are employed to assist the tourists have a nice tour.

As for the tourists they get to gain in adding knowledge where they see and get to learn new thing that they did not know there before. They also get to satisfy their curiosity urge. In conclusion, the development of tourism will be a great source of income to the government of U.K.

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