The cultures of the world all have their unique features that inevitably draw attention of a curious mind. The differences between one’s own culture and other cultures serve as a source of energy to inquire and learn more about other people. Moreover, a person acquainted with different cultures becomes more aware of one’s native culture and gains new as well as deeper understanding of himself/herself. The culture of Japan is so rich and ancient that years and years of rigorous investigation would only slightly approximate the researcher to real knowledge of it. However, given the opportunity to communicate with Japanese people it is important to ask meaningful questions to find out as much information as possible.

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One of the first questions to ask the representatives of another culture is about their traditions. I would ask a Japanese person to describe some of the most important traditions of Japan and whether their family observes them. While the person is engaged in telling the story it is possible to make conclusion about some of the cultural cornerstones that are the foundation of that culture. Another aspect of inquiry would be the traditional roles of males and females in the culture. So, I would ask to describe the role of a man and a woman in the Japanese culture and how that role might be changing or developing as time goes by. By asking this question it can be deducted whether the culture is highly traditional or quite modern and dynamic. It would give an idea of how strongly the people are grounded in their culture and traditions, which is very important. The question of language is one of the crucial ones, so asking about the language and the calligraphy would be also interesting.

Moreover, I would definitely ask to describe some of the traditional forms of art and tell me is possible the origin of those as well as how they are seen today. Finally, I would appreciate to know whether Japanese culture is collectivistic or individualistic. That’s why my last question would touch upon the interaction between family and community members and ask if people usually do lots of activities as a group or if the individual is placed at the center of all things.

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