Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) is a term that has been widely used by both the media and the public to refer to unrecognized objects that are believed to be seen up in the sky, but which cannot be identified by the observer. Unidentified Flying Objects are believed to be strange objects with lights, similar to those of stars in the sky. Unidentified Flying Objects are sometimes referred to as flying saucers (Watts 15).

Various descriptions have been given to explain the shape, color, size, structure and general nature of UFO. Some believe that these objects look like glowing wheels; some say they are crescent shaped, while others argue that they are red or black plates. Some people say that the objects are metallic and man-made.

In my opinion, there are no such things as unidentified flying objects. It is evident that these objects are yet to be identified by any renowned astronomer of the space. No person, including the world’s prominent scientists, has ever explained their source or existence, though it is believed that they exist. There is no clear explanation of their existence. It is also still unclear whether they are natural or man-made - a situation that leaves majority of scientists undecided over their being and subsistence. Furthermore, the lightings that were seen may have been produced by reflections from layers of clouds or other space objects.

Even though the U.S. government has thousands of records on Unidentified Flying Objects’ sightings, such as images and photos, there is still no reasonable explanation found on such records that can be generally agreed upon. Furthermore, information on UFOs has been kept secret due to the fact that they are alleged to be potentially risky. This further hindered any possibility of more scientific studies on these unknown bodies.

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Interestingly, it was later revealed that most of these Unidentified Flying Objects were celestial bodies such as stars and meteors. More often than not, these sightings were accompanied by unusual weather conditions, thus making observations made in the sky unreliable. Additionally, reports that are available on Unidentified Flying Objects are either natural or outright swindled. As for me, I would publicly disagree with any allegation that such objects exist. For instance, I refute the conclusions of the U.S. government conclusions on existence of UFOs (Watts 185). Additionally, there have also been negative conclusions concerning UFOs. Certain conclusions made by scientific investigation groups did not indicate any physical reality. For example, Uruguay Air force stopped its study after dismissing the possibility of UFOs existence.

Additionally, there have been little scientific studies on Unidentified Flying Objects. This subject matter had received little attention and support such as research funds, and thus very little research has been carried out on these objects. It is factual that there is limited awareness of UFOs. Data that is currently available is based on reports of the media and is heavily relied on personal opinion and media reporters. There is no official declaration that has ever been made on Unidentified Flying Objects; it not known whether they are real objects or not.

Moreover, private studies have also made neutral conclusions and are not willing to continue with their studies on UFOs. Renowned astronomers, such as Sturrock Panel, who begun their studies on Unidentified Flying Objects stopped a few months after they unsuccessfully found no reasons to explain UFOs existence. To shed some more light on this matter, it is important to note that thousands of documents released by scientist and astronomy agencies indicate that many U.S. Intelligence agencies had collected unimaginably little information on UFOs.

Therefore, in my opinion, the idea of Unidentified Flying Objects is imaginary; it depicts unrealistic dreams and hallucinations about unexplainable phenomenon. Moreover, the notion of existence of Unidentified Flying Objects has been harshly criticized by certain astronomers and scientists too.

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