Over the last few decades, violence against women has become very pervasive and attention of both men and women. In every four women in the world one faces violence at some time of her life. Violence includes act or threat of an act against a girl or a woman that results in physical, sexual or emotional harm. The threats are executed differently depending on age and social position of a female (Renzetti, 2005). Serious and fast actions need to be taken to end the violence against women. Women, being the victims, should be at the lead to campaign for the end of violence. Despite being taken for the weaker sex, women are capable of spearheading fight against such violence. They should gather courage to stand out against the violence and demand their rights.  As normally observed, prevention techniques are more perfect in repercussions. They should understand that their vulnerability depends on circumstances so women should be vigilant. In case they feel uncomfortable and uneasy, they should take actions. Women should take drugs and alcohol with caution to avoid being abused after losing self control (French, 1998). They should also be ready to open up to their friends and share what they are going through at the moment. Women should create awareness among their fellow women on matters concerning their welfare in the world dominated by men. Many women and girls in marginalized areas do not know their rights. They can form groups and organizations to educate women by visiting social institutions and other places such as schools (White, 2011). By so doing the unreported violence cases may reduce by lighting the dark parts of woman’s life. Having some defensive tactics can help improve the perception of a woman as a weaker being: martial arts may contribute much. Men, on the other hand, can play an equally important role in containing the menace. This should start with change in character especially on perception of women. Women’s rights should be given priority in terms of security, independence and advancements. They should not marginalize women. By so doing violence against women at home and work places will end. Men should treat women compassionately and with courtesy. They should challenge their colleagues to embrace this and teach young boys that women should be respected (Balkin, 2004). They must show willingness to support the effort of women in the fight against such violence. Policies should be formulated to burn cultures and norms that support violence through the efforts of the men. These practices may include circumcision and early marriages. Some lyrics and pornographic materials show women as objects of sexual pleasure that should be used and later dumped (Burns, 2008). Men should avoid such materials and understand that sexual pleasure is earned but not demanded.  Men should also support women  in fighting for their rights and participate in their activities. Men can also seek professional help on how to end violence against women. To win the support of other men, the advert against violence should be done by men. They should show deliberate support to the victims of such violence and join women in the celebration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against women. 

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