Advertising is a presentation or announcement that is not personal and persuades the public to be interested in an organizations product. This gets done with the aim of reaching both existing and potential customers. Marketing is the process through which organizations identify and anticipate the best ways to make the customer happy and make profit. It is a process of finding out the needs and requirements of the consumer. Advertising is one of the major methods of marketing, and they are intertwined. Over the readings, we have seen that many people do not work for long in advertising and marketing. They work for mostly a period between 18 months and 5years.

I feel that this continuing trend gets fueled by the challenges that come with marketing and advertising. For example, the fact that advertising and marketing costs a lot of money causes many to shy away from the venture. Marketing strategies sometimes lead companies to bankruptcy way before they make any profit from the product. In addition, companies may at times concentrate so much in marketing the product that they end up not paying their marketers well. This may cause those working in the marketing sector to opt to leave for another job. It seems that lack of good remuneration is the major reason why many do not work for long in advertising and marketing.

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In my opinion, the difficulty encountered in persuading the consumer is another factor why many do not work in the field for long. Making people believe in a new product, change the products they have been using, accept a new version of an old product or believe that your product is the best is very difficult. It requires a lot of patience, strategy and learning of your customers. This drives many out of advertising and marketing after a very short period of working.

However, I believe that advertising and marketing can be a great success but only if it gets done in the right way. There are four main steps that can be followed so as to make it a long lasting career. Establish an unmistakable brand identity that is memorable. This leaves a lasting impact on the customer. Create a connection with your target customers. Make sure you find out who needs and wants what you have to offer. Come up with offerings that will attract the customers like a magnet. Make it something that they cannot resist. Make sure you have a marketing plan that will work. Focus on the product, price, place and promotion.

In conclusion, advertising and marketing is not the easiest job out there but with strategy it is the best job. When done with a plan properly outlined, it can be fulfilling for years. There is potential in advertising and marketing for as long as there is creation of new products and this happens daily. As long as innovation and creation stays alive, advertising and marketing stays alive. Consequently it is a great field for a long-term endeavor.

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